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New iPad 5 game sessions to vibrate

If you are a regular gamer on Apple’s iPad devices, you’ll be interested to hear that a new feature is rumored to be coming alongside the new iPad 5 device, once Apple has announced it later in the year. A patent discovery has revealed that vibration and notification features could be coming to the new device, to inform gamers of messages during a heavy session.

As most of you are aware, this is a feature that is already available on Android tablets such as the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, as well as the Galaxy Tab 2 7-inch. Soon it could be a mainstay iOS feature as well though, and an improvement that iOS gamers will welcome once the iPad 5 is finally available.

A patent discovered over at PatentlyApple suggests that Apple will include a new vibration notification feature that will let iPad 5 games know that somebody is trying to contact them. This could be via an iMessage, an email or even a gaming related notification based on the app that you are currently playing.

As of yet though, the iPad 5 release date remains an elusive mystery, with no strong details yet on whether it will be a planned announcement at WWDC 2013 in June, or if the company will keep it under wraps until a separate Fall event as we’ve seen many times in the past. Once the iPad 5 is finally unveiled, we also expect an iPad Mini 2 device to come as well – signaling a price cut for the current model, as is standard Apple practice.

It goes without saying that we hope this isn’t the only major feature to come alongside a brand new iPad 5. A vibration feature is nice of course, but many consumers will argue that it should have been in place from the very start. If you have the iPad 4 now and are already considering an upgrade – let us know what features you need to see to secure that purchase.



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