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iPhone 5 vs. HTC One – The T-Mobile quandary

If you are a T-Mobile customer and you are almost up for an upgrade, then you have a bit of a quandary on your hands. The reason for this is because you can either get yourself the new HTC One, or you could go for the iPhone 5 instead.

The problem is because some customers will want to get their hands on the latest technology, and so feel as though the HTC One is the way to go. This handset looks to be a very decent device, although it does lack some of the features as let’s say the Galaxy S4, but we cannot deny the HTC has a far more premium feel to it.

However, the moment you bring the iPhone 5 into the equation things get complicated. This is because Apple’s smartphone is also a quality handset (apart from the scratching issue), but lacks some of the latest tech because it’s 6 months old already.

However, the iPhone runs on iOS 6, and while this is not the best iOS we have seen over the years, it still allows the iPhone 5 to punch above its weight because things seem so much smoother. That’s not saying Android is not a great software, it’s just not as smooth and fast as it could be because it not being a naked version of Android like the Nexus devices.

We’ve already looked at prices and pre-orders for the iPhone 5 and the HTC One on T-Mobile, so now you will need to make a tough decision, one that you will need to stick with for the next two years.

Then again, you could hang on for the Galaxy S4, which should be pretty soon, or the next iPhone, although we still do not know when this will be released.



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