Google Glass Infographic dissects the technology

Whenever we hear people talking about Google Glass, it’s as though this is some future technology that is already here, well about to be. However, when we get to see how the gadget actually works – it’s far simpler than we first assumed.

A recent Google Glass Infographic that dissects the technology allows you to learn far more than you can with the video Google released. So if you still had questions, then we would like you to take a look at the infographic below, by clicking on the image to make it larger.

You get to see numerous parts of Google Glass, along with those pieces of most importance, as well as what each part does. Looking over the infographic, it’s not what we expected, as it is just a mini projector bouncing onto the eyeball. The information seems to be spot on, as the designer of the infographic sourced his information from a number of solid sources.

Google Glass Infographic dissects the technology

We have to wonder if using Google Glass will make one eye lazy, as it’s clear to see one eyeball will be doing more work than the other? The military train to use such technology, but we have to wonder what sort of effect this will have on you or I?

If the device does cause some discomfort or worse to the user, we have to wonder how long it will be before the lawsuits will begin? Okay, so we may be reading too much into this, but it does make you think.

Do you think this Google Glass infographic is correct, or are there flaws that misrepresent the technology?

Source of the Infographic.



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