New Xbox 720 reveal date in May from rumors

The Xbox 720 rumors continue to pour out and we have another substantial one for you to consider now. If you have been keeping on top of the latest whispers, you would have known that Microsoft’s next Xbox console was apparently scheduled to be unveiled at a press conference towards the end of this month.

However, new rumors are suggesting that Microsoft has actually had a sudden change of heart and will be showing their next-generation console later on May 21st instead – not quite at E3 2013 in June, but close enough. The new rumors have come from tech insider Paul Thurrott, who is apparently a reliable source of information based on past leaks.

Speaking on the latest What is Tech podcast, Thurrott has reiterated the Durango codename for the system and perhaps more importantly and worryingly – backed up rumors that the next Xbox will also have an always-on internet requirement. What we haven’t heard prior to this though, is details on how Microsoft will launch a $99 Xbox 360 alongside the Xbox ‘720’, mainly due to the fact that the current console won’t be backwards compatible with the next-gen system.

Furthermore, Thurrott has also revealed that the console will be available sometime in November, so if we are to believe that the PS4 is releasing on October 31st along with Assassin’s Creed 4 and Battlefield 4 – Sony may have a few weeks advantage over their rivals.

Remember that this is strictly rumors though, so don’t believe everything just yet. You can view the podcast above, or view a summary of the key information over at Neogaf here. We have also seen details on two potential price points for the next Xbox – a $500 model and a cheaper $300 version which is tied to subscription costs. Interesting.

What do you think about these latest Xbox 720 rumors then – believable or not? Would you be interested in buying an always-on Xbox which is tied to subscriptions at $300 plus the monthly charges?



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