Ferrari LaFerrari reviewed from all angles

Ahead of the Geneva Motor Show we had no idea what the new Ferrari would look like, or the name the Italian hypercar would have. Thankfully we now know the vehicle will be called the Ferrari LaFerrari, and while for the most part the design has been well received, there are a few who believe the McLaren P1 has the advantage.

If you were unable to make it to Geneva then the images taken at the show would only give you a limited view of what is to come. So how would you like to view the Ferrari LaFerrari from all angles? Well you can thanks to the 3D model we have for you below, thanks to the hard work of Giorgio from Cubize.

Having reviewed this 3D model of the Ferrari LaFerrari from all angles, it’s clear there are one or two issues, such as the scale of the vehicle when viewed from certain angles. However, we have to remember a lot of work has gone into the 3D representation, but it’s just a shame that it is not very accurate, although it’s a good try.

It’s a shame because the LaFerrari is a beautiful looking car – although I prefer the P1 – and some of the surfaces have not been captured that well. Although, it does give you a general idea of what the Laferrari looks from multiple angles, let’s hope someone with more time on their hands is able to produce a far more accurate 3D representation.

Maserati seems to like the LaFerrari, as they are thinking of building a hypercar based on Ferrari’s next flagship model. However, Maserati is to ditch the hybrid system and go for a more traditional powertrain, which could be something the purists would much prefer?

Thanks to Autoblog.



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