iPhone 6 radical specs needed for annual update

By Peter Chubb - Apr 7, 2013

There seems to be a growing number of people who believe Apple will skip the iPhone 5S and jump to the iPhone 6 instead. Personally we feel this will not be the case, but what if it were? We say this because it’s clear Apple need to change things a little, and skipping the minor refresh of their smartphone would be considered a great move.

Earlier this year I made my mind up not to upgrade my iPhone when Apple release their updated model. However, if a new model was released and we would see some radical iPhone 6 specs, then I would have to reconsider their decision. This is certainly wishful thinking, but it would be nice.

Myself, like countless other Apple users have updated their iPhone with each new model, and last year I was so close not to update, but then temptation got the better of me. I do hope the same does not happen to me if Apple were to release the iPhone 5S, as we know it will look the same and only have a few minor improvements, which would not benefit most of us.

However, it’s still nice to dream and wish so many of those iPhone 6 update rumors come true, and there are a lot of them, along with some awesome looking iPhone 6 concept images as well. Although, we have to remind you, these are nothing new, so we would not get our hopes up too much.

We know Apple will be far into the development process of the next iPhone, but we’re not sure we will ever see one left in a bar somewhere, although it would be nice as we would be able to see if Apple had skipped the minor update.

Some of the most recent iPhone 6 rumors have been a bizarre, such as Steve Jobs still having a hand in its design, to Apple going with a 5-inch design. Speaking as an iPhone user, I don’t think I would like anything larger than a 4.5-inch display, but it would need to be a little wider this time. However, other iPhone users believe the current size is perfect for their needs. It’s clear to see that Apple may need to cater for different tastes soon, which is why the idea of a cheaper model would be welcome by a growing number of consumers and business users.

Another rumor that has been gaining some attention is the iPhone 6 release date, because the most recent rumor would have you believe the iPhone 5S will be launched within a month or two, and the iPhone 6 later this year. If this were the case (although highly unlikely) then the 5S could be the cheaper model with the 6 being the premium version.

We have to remember that these iPhone 6 rumors have to be taken at face value, but it’s nice to imagine what could happen. Whatever happens, the iPhone 6 features will need to be on par with what we have been hearing with the Google X Phone or the Nexus 5, but that’s just wishful thinking. What we would consider radical would be, larger storage or microSD support, waterproof design, NFC, a smaller bezel with a different form-factor, eye-tracking, wireless charging to name a few, but what else would you like to see?

However, if such a radical version was to see a release later this year, then the iPhone 6 price will be a bit of a concern, because we know how Apple loves to put a premium on their devices.

Have you decided not to update your iPhone this year if there is just a minor refresh? Would you reconsider your annual update if Apple were to release the iPhone 6 with some radical specs?

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  • Yeah – there’s only one way to assess Apple at the moment. Their maps still don’t work since launch and one of the highest grossing apps on the store is TomTom. If they can’t even get the most basic of things working (i.e. knowing where something is), it seems highly unlikely they’ll pull off a competitive refresh.

    And if they did, stand back for some blinding screw-ups. If they can manage a solid refresh of the iPhone 5 it’d be great. Battery life, memory, camera resolution all need work. Wireless power would be great for car docking, but it looks like the flagship feature this year is going to be a Spotify competitor and probably a (pseudo) free one being pitched as Apple awesomeness.

  • This story read like the trials and tribulations of an Apple Fanboy! You wouldn’t want a phone with a screen larger than 4.5″? Well, why not? What are you doing on your phone that you couldn’t do better with a larger screen? I have owned smartphones as long as they have been out. I bought 1 iPhone for my wife within the last 2 years (it has Siri). She switched back to an Android device within 2 months of owning it. Apparently “it just works” didn’t work out so well for her! We gave that iPhone to the grandkid. I guess he thinks he looks “important”.

    • Tony

      RE: What are you doing on your phone that you couldn’t do better with a larger screen?

      Answer: Make phone calls. Millions of smartphone users, myself included, make a lot of calls and find holding a massive phone up to your ear completely stupid, so with this in-mind I want a phone-sized smartphone that can do a lot of other things but keeps focused on being a phone more than a tablet. This is why the next iPhone might need more than one size, one for people that make a lot of calls and another for those that want an all-in-one phone.

      • bhayes444

        Don’t you think people who used those old Nokia bar phones (which are tiny compared to the iPhone) when the iPhone came out thought the iphone looked huge on your face and didn’t want something like that? That point is irrelevant. Like you stated the real concern with bigger screens being that customers won’t have the option to have a smaller one, since Apple has been pushing out a “one size fits all” model for years. Eventually the iPhone will sport a 5″ display, but probably not for a couple of years as you have to work people into it.

        Also, a bigger phone means they should be able to fit more goodies inside, and who doesn’t like more goodies?