Skyrim DLC 4: Summerset rumors debunked

By Daniel Chubb - Apr 5, 2013

We have thoroughly enjoyed The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and the downloadable content that followed the games release, which includes Skyrim Dawnguard, Hearthfire and Dragonborn at the time of writing. When it comes to getting value for money, Skyrim has delivered and even more so when you look at the hours you get playing most other games. We’ve been hands-on with Skyrim for well over 600 hours, and we know many of our readers have spent many hours in this world as well.

Focus turns to Skyrim DLC 4 – the last year has seen most Skyrim news focused on the PS3 system, which would be due to the lack of downloadable content on this platform. It now seems the 4th Skyrim DLC has become the focus of gamers that are still playing this game.

Within the past few weeks a number of suggestions for the name of Skyrim DLC 4 have been offered, although Bethesda has offered no evidence towards what might be launching, or even if any new DLC will arrive soon. At first it seemed Redguard would be the name for Skyrim DLC 4, but now a new name has arrived in the form of “Summerset“.

This rumor landed via this forum post, which highlights the name Summerset from a screenshot found while searching Google. The forum users had quickly debunked this rumor for the next Skyrim DLC, and some even uploaded images of their own to show how quick screenshots can be forged. Take a look at the comments in reaction to this Summerset claim via the above link.

What do you think Skyrim DLC 4 should be called? Are you still playing this game, and if not what could bring you back? You might want to read an article about the Skyrim Redguard DLC mystery from the start of this year.

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  • Nathan133

    I would like to see a darker story in Skyrim or any of the elderscrolls games. I am tired of always being the hero in the main quest, Couldn’t there be an alternative path that you can go on. One where you are a villain or a tyrant trying to take over the realm. I would love to see that in a game. Instead of all this hero bull, it just gets so old.

  • Bryce

    I have a more stealthier character and I would like for Bethesda to come up with a skyrim dlc that focuses on the dark brotherhood because eventually doing stupid contracts for the dark brotherhood gets stupid and I want to have a new plot line who can relate?

  • Jokamutta

    It’s fake everyone can make this!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • daddy

    They should make a daedric dlc with alot of new weapons and armor.

  • wassa

    I would love if they made a bigger expansion instead of small DLC. It is not for the money, it is because you get more time to enjoy new places and new skills if there is more gametime in new content. I loved the vampire idea but it was pretty much useless (besides fights) when I finished DLC and that dlc was so short that I it felt like it was a rush through. Make a bigger expansion (Summerset why not) and then price it twice as much as short DLC and…done:)

  • cat_sandwich

    There was never a rumor for this. Also, a child could see that the picture on that forum post was fake. Pathetic.

  • skyrilove

    I wish the next dlc would have the dragonborn become the high king of skyrim. That way the player could decide what direction politically skyrim goes (stormcloaks, imperial or plays off both sides) and would make sense in the game as well. An arena would be nice too

    • I love strategy games and your idea sounds great, something I would certainly return to Skyrim for.

    • ben

      You’re aiming too small, I wish we could become Emporer of Cyrodil. For the sake of canon lore, there could be an imposter dragonborn that you could let proceed to the throne. They could then really focus on a not combat-heavy dlc with lots of political games and could possibly let you do stuff like re-establish the mages guild/thieves guild etc.

    • An Anonymous Commenter

      Ohhhhhh this idea. I love tearing–I mean “responding” to this idea every time it comes up.

      I’m sorry to tell you, but let’s be honest: if Bethesda decided to attempt that concept, it would end terribly. The way Skyrim is designed, I highly doubt such a concept could logically end well.

      For starters, would you want your high king to be a Werewolf/Vampire Lord who runs a band of mercenaries, a college of magic, a guild of Daedra-governed thieves, and a demonic organization of assassins (and potentially an entire clan of vampires with the power to cause instantaneous solar eclipses) all at the same time? Talk about quint-polar. It’s amazing that the Companions or the College of Magic never notice the fact that their Harbinger/Archmage potentially chills with all 16 Daedric Princes and murders relatively innocent people on a regular basis. In a logical sense, life must be a living hell for the Dragonborn, with all that pressure and alternate personalities that change on a whim. If that guy was High King, Skyrim wouldn’t last a week!

      Ok, now that we’ve got logic covered, let’s look at a more content-prediction level. For example, let’s look at the (relatively) beloved “Oblivion” and it’s famous “Shivering Isles” DLC. If you still haven’t played either, brace for spoilers that someone may have already blurted a hundred times now. At the end of Shivering Isles, what happens? You become a Daedric Prince, practically a “god”. You have an entire realm of Oblivion to rule, and what sort of godly activities and powers do you get? Well uh…you can change the weather! And use your staff to freeze everyone around you in time! And uh…summon your butler! Oh! And when you talk to him you can uh…well you have some things you can do!
      1. You can uh…take down/send soldiers to take down monsters attacking towns and bandits attacking the gate! And you get a ton of gold from it!
      2. You can…er…call for a…very cheesy and poorly-made “dancer”…
      3. Oh! And you can have one of your soldiers follow you around your realm.

      Oh yeah, definitely sounds like stuff Daedric gods do allllll the time. My fear is that any sort of “Dragonborn becomes High King!” DLC would suffer similar levels of minimum input. Knowing Bethesda, the things you could do as a High King would likely be:
      1. Support Legion, Stormcloaks, or Thalmor (which also utilizes the Legion)
      2. Collect tax (1,000 or so gold every week)
      3. Send your resulting soldiers to [radiant fort] to attack [enemy dependent upon #1] and get a certain amount of gold from it.

      So no, I don’t think you’d have the power to determine specific political issues, resolve the war completely, promote your faction (ESPECIALLY the Volkihar vampires, Thieves Guild, or Dark Brotherhood), accuse random people of treason and have them executed publicly, or declare the 16th of First Seed “National Stab-A-Thalmor Day” or make every other Morndas “Dress-Like-A-Redguard Day”.

      And that’s my opinion on that matter.

      • N7Krogan

        Well actually Anonymous, if you had THAT much power and influence amongst all the guilds, covens, and even the princes, as well as having the loyalty of skyrim since you are now High King AND dragon born then skyrim would last a lifetime, several if you’re talented 🙂 all the guilds work independently but with a leader that controls all they could become great assets in any conflict. With the college you most likely have a greater force of mages than the synod. With the companions you have a great source of commanders for armies or shock troops. The theives guild could potentially wreck havoc into any enemies economy. Plus with the brotherhood AND volkihar you would have a primed and lethal assassination force which could be nearly invincible. And on top of all that you are dragon born, equipped with the deadliest armor and we opens from the princes and have the loyalty of 2 dragons, one of which can’t be killed. I think skyrim would do just fine under such leadership 🙂

        • An Anonymous Commenter

          I kinda see your point, but we still have to take into account that a player who is the leader in literally every faction AND has dealt with all Daedric Princes basically HAS to be assumed to have serious split personality issues; they want to subdue the world and suck the blood from every mortal soul (vampire) or are given to bestial fits of rage when not kept in check (werewolf), they run a college dedicated to mages (which Skyrim as a whole frowns upon, let alone the whole vampire thing), operate a secret organization devoted to a non-Daedric demon who kill relatively innocent people just because person B doesn’t like them enough to pray to said demon, and control a guild of thieves (I wonder how that would make the treasury feel), but at the same time they are a noble and worthy ruler?

          If they also work with Daedra, the issues is even worse: they quite literally worship the world’s equivalent of demons, among whom include basically a druggie, a madman, a madman-MAKER, two con artists, three bloodthirsty kill-happy monstrosities, a bossy and self-righteous zombie-hater, a gambling thief, a rapist, a lying back-stabber, a cannibal, a being that turns people into half-animal monsters, and one in particular whose artifact enables you to suck the soul out of anything you kill and bottle it up [points if you can match up all those refferences =P]. Not to mention the fact that in following ANY of these beings you completely deny any of the Divines, even Talos, which thus rejects that which Tamriel’s government was established on to begin with, which will inevitably cause rebellions from the Legion, Aldmeri Dominion, AND Stormcloaks.

          Good try, though =3

        • An Anonymous Commenter

          Oh yeah, forgot about the nightmare-inducing haunting demon. Add that one to the list of Daedra

        • N7Krogan

          Granted all that is true however worshipping the daedra and working WITH the daedra are two entirely seperately things. Second ruling as a vampire can work. The count of skingrad did it. You are the king who only answers to yourself so no one has to know who works for you. Citizens aren’t going to recognize you as the listener or master of the theives guild and being a vampire well.. The jarl of solitude’s Mage is a vampire and no one seems to notice or care. As for mages every court has a Mage which means they are tolerated so there would not be that great of an issue with them. At best a little animosity from the populace.

        • An Anonymous Commenter

          Not sure if you noticed from the fact that Talos is revered as a Divine 9/10 times in Oblivion (the 10th being that guy in Knights of the Nine, and even he’s fine with paying due to him) but about 500 years later the High Elves have indirectly taken over Tamriel and banned his worship, but a little animosity tends to go a long way. The tolerance of Mages might work for a few years, but for all we know by the time TES VI comes along ‘ol Bethy might pull a Dragon Age II act on us.

          As for the Count of Skingrad and Solitude’s Court Wizard, no one really knew about that, and at the time of Oblivion in particular Vampirism was relatively easy to hide (just don’t go outside in the day and don’t make direct visits and the only effect will be redish Dunmer-like eyes and an old appearance). Being a victim of an “uncurable” dissease is a different story as opposed to RULING a CLAN of Vampires who hate mortalkind with an unshakeable bloodthirsty (literally) passion.

          And if a townsperson or guard can figure out that you killed so-and-so or stole such-and-such even if you wore a mask and a fully different set of clothes than what you wear when you approach said townsperson or guard, I’m pretty sure if they noticed their king being absent from the castle on a regular basis to “adventure”, and happened to notice the crime rate suspiciously spike upward during this period and/or noticed slightly more (or less) gold in the treassurey, they could easily figure out that you run an organization of what we would describe as satanic assassins and a band of con-artists.

          Speaking of con-artists, God knows Brynolf would have a TON of fun with that aforementioned treassury, especially if the Guild’s leader is the HIGH KING. XD

          Bottom line is, in my opinion, Dragonborn as High King? Probably not the most logical choice…or the most empowering idea for the already godlike character. However, I WOULD like to see a DLC featuring the moot and the election of a High King. Maybe the Thalmor trying to place one of their agents on the throne, and the events surrounding that? But yeah, I would not support the Dragonborn getting the crown XD

    • Dan Smith

      That would be as pointless as Hearthfire and dragon riding ( being high king, not the arena).