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Review of Canon XA20 and XA25 HD specs

If you are on the lookout for a new professional camcorder that offers next-generation technology, then Canon believe they have the answer for you in the way of the new XA20 HD and XA25 HD video cameras. A brief review of the specs reveals these devices will impress the user due to their specialized features and optics, all of which have been packed into a compact design.

These camcorders are not for consumers, but more for those on a business level. However, we’re sure one or two technology websites might consider the Canon XA20 or XA25 HD to take with them to events such as CES. What will make these devices more appealing to a potential buyer is how light they are considering the technology packed inside.

Speaking of that technology, both models come with various shooting-assist functions as well as greater key components, which includes Canon’s newly developed wide-angle 20x HD zoom lens. This new feature will allow you to record in conditions where light is at a minimum.

Review of Canon XA20 and XA25 HD specs

The zoom has increased from 10x on the XA10 to 20x on the XA20 and XA25 HD camcorders. Both now come with a brighter 3.5-inch OLED display and built-in WiFi has also been included, allowing you to upload your recorded footage direct to services such as YouTube.

Overall the design has not changed from their predecessors, and the only difference between the XA20 and the XA25 is the latter comes with a HD-SDI terminal. The price for the XA20 HD professional camcorder will be $2,499.00 and the cost of the XA25 HD will be $2,999.00 when released in June.

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