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Pokemon X and Y Godspeed Mewtwo image and info

We have some exciting news for Pokemon fans now as it looks like Saturday’s official ‘big’ Pokemon X and Y reveal from Nintendo and Game Freak may have been revealed a little early. A new image has showed up online, as well as related evidence suggesting that Mewtwo is getting two new forms – one of which is thought to be identified as Godspeed Mewtwo.

As most of you already know, official news is coming on Saturday although nobody knows what it is at the moment. We have seen a lot of leaked information for the game which has turned out to be fake, but this is looking very promising indeed we have to say.

Firstly, take a look at the image above. What you see there is thought to be an early teaser of Godspeed Mewtwo, one of TWO new forms of the legendary creature who originally featured in the first Pokemon games on the Gameboy. We say there will be two forms, as if you head to the latest Pokemon movie website in Japanese, you’ll see that there are two empty slots underneath Mewtwo, which we’re guessing will be filled up once Nintendo make the official reveal on Saturday.

Furthermore, if you go ahead and try to bookmark the Japanese website, then translate the text – you will discover that the Mewtwo Godspeed information has been officially name dropped by Nintendo – thanks to Nowgamer for the sneaky tip. Details of what powers the new form will possess are obviously unknown at the moment, but you can just tell that Mewtwo Godspeed is going to end up as one of the most powerful Pokemon in X and Y once confirmed.

Usually we would say that this is still a rumor, but the fact that the official Japanese movie website namedrops Godspeed Mewtwo, we would say that there is now a high chance of this being official. Let us know your initial reaction to two new forms of Mewtwo. What powers and abilities would you like to see?



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