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Nikon D7100 fits into D600 underwater housing

Sales of the Nikon D7100 have been very impressive, and no doubt several owners will be looking to get their hands on some accessories to go with this new DSLR. As you would imagine Nikon already has a selection of D7100 accessories on their official website, but as yet there is not a lot of choice for third-party options – or is there?

We say this because it’s obvious Nikon’s latest DSLR will be able to use accessories for the D7000, but that’s not all. We say this because we have learned that the Nikon D7100 fits into the D600 underwater housing, allowing you to start taking some great shots in the water.

In a recent review they tried the D7100 in the D7000 underwater housing, but because some of the controls are in different positions some of the functionality will be lost, which is why they went for the D600 housing instead.

The Nauticam D600 housing is an almost perfect fit for the D7100, so you are able to use the aperture/shutter speed dials, and we’re told the shutter works perfectly as well. While this is okay for now, it doesn’t beat a dedicated solution, but we’re sure one will be released soon. It has been suggested that Ikelite will likely release the first Nikon D7100 underwater housing, with Aquatica and other brands to follow.

Check out the image in the review, this was taken using the casing we have been discussing and while the sample photo looks great, we’d love to know if you have used your D7100 underwater and produced even better images?

We would also like to know if you have had any issues with your new Nikon DSLR, as some owners have complained about a buffer capacity issue, but there are certain to be more problems?



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