Awaiting McLaren P1 configurator, unlike Ferrari LaFerrari

We knew both the McLaren P1 and the Ferrari LaFerrari were going to come with similar specs because of them being hybrid and calling upon years of experience in F1. However, each company will go about things in a very different way, such as one having a smaller engine, but opting for extra power from turbo chargers.

Since the P1 and the LaFerrari were showcased at Geneva last month we learned so much more, but since then news has been a little stagnant. After doing a little digging we have learned that Ferrari has released a LaFerrari configurator, which McLaren has yet to do so for their P1.

Okay, so the Ferrari LaFerrari configurator is limited because you can only select three different colors, but we are told potential buyers can choose whatever color they like. However, being able to select different wheels and interior colors would have been nice as well, although not sure Ferrari would want you to change those aerodynamic efficient wheels.

We doubt McLaren will even bother releasing a P1 configurator, especially when we have just learned that around 75 percent of the 375 units have already been sold. One would presume most of the 499 LaFerrari’s have also sold, especially when you consider more than a thousand people made requests to purchase one of these hypercars.

Going back to Ferrari’s LaFerrari configurator, even though the options are limited, we are sure the Italian car manufacturer will cater to a buyer’s need, such as making different choices to the LaFerrari interior, for a price of course. We would also imagine McLaren will do the same for P1 buyers.

See a video of both these cars doing what they do best around a race track, and see if you can see which of the two handles better?



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