Xbox 720 tactics to keep controller features a secret

By Alan Ng - Apr 3, 2013

We have heard a lot of details about Sony’s PS4 console over the last few weeks, but almost nothing in return with regards to Microsoft’s upcoming Xbox 360 successor. An event is thought to be taking place later this month, but this week we do have some brief whispers to share with you related to how the design of the next-generation Xbox controller may look like.

If we are to believe rumors, Microsoft will be holding their Xbox ‘720’ event on April 26, although Microsoft has yet to start sending out invites for the event yet, so it may change. Sony infamously didn’t show their PS4 hardware at their event in February, but we did get a look at the official PS4 controller – even prior to the event too as pictures of a prototype leaked out.

Microsoft obviously senses a repeat of the same problems and have reportedly deployed unusual tactics to keep their development kits a secret, from the public and indeed individuals who may be tempted to cash in with an early reveal.

An article published by Kotaku recently claims that Microsoft are plastering each controller with different colored strips, as a way of identifying the exact culprits responsible, should early pictures manage to leak out prior to the company’s Xbox event. As a result, we’re hearing that dev kits are reaching teams decorated with black and white designs and you can get an idea of this with a mock up provided above.

The source has also revealed that the main features of the Xbox 720 controller will remain the same, button layout wise, with only the overall size of the controller being smaller compared to the Xbox 360 pad. The next Xbox pad will apparently have no new buttons and definitely no touch screen pad as what we saw from Sony’s new DualShock4.

As a method of shutting down leaks, this appears to be a tactic that is working very well so far for Microsoft. Who is going to risk their relationship with Microsoft by leaking a product that can be tracked back to the company instantly? Perhaps Sony should take note and deploy similar tactics in their future products.

How would you feel if the next Xbox pad was exactly the same as the Xbox 360, only smaller?

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  • heavenshitman1

    M’soft would probably be smart to keep the controller the same. Even shrinking its size may be unfavourable for bigger handed westerners.
    Focus on kinect and the controller 360 already uses.
    PS4 is making a mistake trying to outmatch WiiU and 720 by throwing in top end processors and every tech in the controllers. PS4 will cost a fortune for consumers. Despite pre-orders off the hype, when it releases, it will struggle to sell