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Pokemon X and Y new Light type for April Fools

We bet you are probably glad that April Fools Day is finally over, with all of the fake gaming news stories circulating over the past 48 hours. We won’t need to remind Nintendo 3DS owners however, that official Pokemon X and Y news is due to land over this weekend from Nintendo and developers Game Freak.

In the meantime though, it appears that somebody over in Japan couldn’t resist one amusing attempt to dupe frustrated Pokemon fans, with a new image claiming to show a new Pokemon in X and Y, as well as a new Light type of Pokemon as well. To end the mystery straight away – this is an April Fools Joke, but a good one nevertheless we feel.

The image you see above is from a new Pokemon with the name Ferion – a strange looking griffon type chap which has been labelled as a Light type of Pokemon – a very creative idea you have to say, but probably could have done with looking a little more authentic design wise.

Although Ferion won’t be appearing in Pokemon X and Y, do any of you actually like the idea and Pokemon design that we see here? The final Pokedex is still shrouded in mystery, but it will be interesting to see if Game Freak do include some cross breed creatures as Light types in the final game.

At least Nintendo were not so cruel and didn’t provide any pictures themselves of fake Pokemon X and Y creatures over April Fools Day. We just have a few days to wait until the ‘big’ official news is out – let us know your thoughts on the Ferion design above and whether you would like to see it in game or not. 10 points for effort – right?



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