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Nexus 7 2nd-gen, price importance for sequel

Things have been a little quiet in regards to the Nexus 7 sequel, but that doesn’t mean we will not see one soon. We already know Google will hold their I/O event next month, as invitations have already been sent out, and it’s expected that ASUS will be there to show off their Nexus 7 2nd-gen tablet.

However, the latest news suggests we will not see the new device release until July, although this doesn’t stop ASUS and Google teasing us some of the new features of the next-gen Nexus 7 during the event. Having said that, we don’t expect to see any major changes, as there seems to be an importance in keeping the price low, much like Apple plans to do with the iPad mini 2.

Even though the Nexus 7 second-generation is expected to drop to $149, which is $50 cheaper than the current model, there will still be a few hardware improvements, such as a shift to a Qualcomm chip, an improved display and hopefully a rear-facing camera. While the form-factor looks set to stay the same, Reuters believe the bezel could be slightly thinner.

Sales of the Nexus 7 have been very positive, but both ASUS and Google must feel this new aggressive pricing strategy will help them sell even more units when the sequel comes to market. As a result they expect to shift at least 8 million units of the new tablet by the end of the year, but is this wishful thinking?

We say this because one key area that needs to be rectified is the cheap feel and look of the Nexus 7. Don’t get us wrong, ASUS and Google have come up with a great product, but they need to make it look less like a toy this time. Having said that, there will be those who disagree and believe the Nexus 7 looks and feels great.



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