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New MacBook Pro graphics card for 2013, possibly

In February Apple saw fit to offer a minor spec bump to their MacBook Pro range, such as an improved CPU and more competitive pricing. However, this is not the update we had been hoping for, although we do expect to see another refreshed model later this year.

Looking at a recent announcement from NVIDIA, we could see a new graphics card in the upcoming 2013 MacBook Pro. The reason we say this is because NVIDIA has launched a new GPU, which they have called the 700M series. There are five models in total; these are the 720M, 735M, 740M, 745M, and the 750M. The former two are for mainstream devices, while the latter three will be for computers designed with performance in mind.

Because the new 700 series has been designed to be more power efficient with no trade-off in performance, 9to5Mac believes we could see the new GPU series being used in the next-gen MacBook Pro with Retina display. We do find it strange why Apple was not mentioned in the press release, where it stated the 700 series would be used in a host of notebooks.

We have to wonder what else Apple will refresh, seeing as though there has already been that minor update a couple of months ago? We cannot see them making any advancements to the retina display, even though the Chromebook Pixel now has a better screen.

Personally we don’t expect to see any major changes, although we could be wrong. Apple has had a though time of late, because not only have they had to release an update in order to resolve the fan issue with the MacBook Pro, they have had to constantly issue updates to iOS 6, which has been one of the worst versions of the mobile OS to date.



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