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iOS 7 UI modifications requires OS X 10.9 intervention

We still have no idea when iOS 7 will be released, but we do know we should see Apple teasing us with some of its new features during WWDC in June. However, things are not going the way Jony Ive had hoped because the upcoming iOS 7 UI modifications have caused the mobile OS to fall behind schedule, and so Apple has felt the need to use some of the team who had been working on Mac OS X 10.9.

Apple is usually on top of their mobile OS development, but according to Daring Fireball’s John Gruber, Ive has made a significant number of changes to make iOS 7 far different to what we have seen in the past, and as such has caused the delay.

There have already been reports that Ive was going for a more flat, modern design, which received a mixed reaction from current iOS 6 users, although a majority of them seem happy with this new direction. We should not expect a complete overhaul of iOS because Ive came into the project a little too late to make a huge difference, so iOS 8 is when the biggest changes will be seen.

If Apple has managed to make iOS 7 cleaner, then we can expect the software to perform much faster, as well as being able to get more life from the battery on iOS devices. While this is good news that Apple has had to borrow some of the team working on Mac OS X 10.9, we do hope this will not cause the new operating system to be delayed instead.

Let’s hope Jony Ive and his team is making significant changes and will not try to polish over iOS 6, because that would be such a huge mistake.

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