Samsung Galaxy S4 Verizon release date could be close

By Alan Ng - Apr 2, 2013

We have recently seen AT&T disclose valuable information on the upcoming release of the Samsung Galaxy S4, and now we’re pleased to say that we have a brief update on the status of the highly anticipated Verizon version of the device. Big Red has been noticeably silent on Samsung’s next big flagship handset, although they have committed to releasing the device along with three other main carriers in the US.

This week we have a good indication that the Verizon availability for the handset, shouldn’t be too far off from when AT&T roll out the device in April. Although Verizon are yet to speak out publicly on their pricing plans for the Galaxy S4, we can tell you that the Verizon Galaxy S4 has now stealthily made its way past the FCC barriers and it could be a sign that official news is coming soon.

Verizon customers will be praying that there isn’t another delay that has plagued some of the previous Verizon releases throughout 2012. The Galaxy Note 2 was a prime example of the painful wait that consumers had to endure and hopefully we won’t see a repeat of it for the Galaxy S4.

The FCC listing reveals that the Verizon model name will be identified as SCH-1545, as expected. It’s important to note that while AT&T has already confirmed a pre-order launch date of April 16, Verizon has yet to say anything at all. The big question that we want to know is whether you are willing to wait for the Verizon version if the likes of AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile get their hands on the device a few weeks earlier.

We also have no idea what the Verizon version will look like and whether it will be plastered with Verizon branding again. If you are thinking of picking up this device, let us know your main fears as we wait for a pre-order date.

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  • Leah M

    I think this is why Verizon isn’t giving out the releaes date is, its because they are getting the gs4brading name on the ph just like they do with the other phones! so when the gs4 comes out look out because the gn2 will drop in prices, good because the gs4 will be coming out to Verizon here soon and then the gn2 will drop in price! just in time for me to get the gn2 wahoooooooo goodie for me, im going out to get the gn2 in may 2013

  • ChrisH

    When the device clears FCC can it be changed afterwards? I sure the hardware is locked down at that point, but can Verizon still tinker with the software (add bloatware) or even the appearance (add their logos, remove Samsung’s, etc). If they can, that would make sense why the went through FCC first, to maximize time to screw with it…err, I mean improve it to maximize customer satisfaction. If they can’t change much after FCC clearance, then it doesn’t make much sense to delay the announcement/set release dates, etc. The only logic there is to extend the period to move current inventory (GS3 still full $199 in Verizon stores/site) as long as possible.
    Or, perhaps its nothing more than politics between Verizon and Samsung. By them not jumping it proves they are not desperate to take and sell Samsung – and can still make demands if needed. It only hurts us the consumer, in waiting and uncertainty, right?

  • duff60901

    I don’t understand why Verizon is so slow to release devices. I can’t wait until they make it legal to unlock devices and change carriers. Maybe it will speed them up a bit and prevent them from putting the verizob logo on the front of the device. I will be one to buy it from another carrier for that reason. I won’t be advertising their network for free after paying full price for a device to keep my plan.