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Pentax K-30 DSLR following in Q10 footsteps

If you have admired the fact that the Pentax Q10 has a great color selection, then you’ll be pleased to learn the camera maker now offers the K-30 DLSR in a choice of 15 colors. Okay, so it’s not the 100 variants as the Q10 has, but it’s a start.

From the different colors you also have a choice of gloss or matte, so we are sure there is a color option for you. If you are looking for an ideal camera for outdoor use, then the Pentax K-30 could be the DSLR for you; this is because it is lightweight as well as having a host of advanced features.

What strikes us about the K30 is those features, as you would only expect to see them on a camera of a much higher price bracket. Although, it’s rather obvious you would pay more for a Canon or Nikon DSLR with the same features.

However, the Pentax K-30 was still seen as a DSLR that did not appeal to a wide audience, but it’s assumed with a greater choice of colors its appeal could soon increase. The reason for this is because the K-30 now has a little more excitement with colors like Crystal Green, Silky Orange and a host more.

Things are not all good though, as this will soon become a nightmare for retailers, as they will struggle to choose which colors to stock. There will be some consumers who believe Pentax is making the K30 all about the color and not its features, but we would have to disagree, as there’s nothing wrong with more personal choice. Visit Pentax for more details.



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