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Optimus G Pro sales confidence ahead of US release

The LG Optimus G Pro has been known to us for a while now, and even though the likes of the US, Europe and other parts of the world have yet to see this latest handset from the South Korean phone maker, sales in South Korea have been pretty positive.

When the Optimus G Pro was first announced there were pre-orders in excess of 10,000 and since its launch a month and a half ago sales in its homeland have totaled around half a million. While this number does not seem huge, it does give US carriers confidence that the LG Optimus G Pro sales in the US look rather promising.

According to the report this is said to be a sales record for LG, which is one reason why the likes of AT&T should feel positive about the prospect of high sales of the Optimus G Pro in the US. Speaking of AT&T, recent news suggests they will release their version of the G Pro soon, although no exact date has been announced.

We have to wonder how confidant the public is, because they already know they will have the Samsung Galaxy S4 in their hands by the end of this month, but they are uncertain if this will be the case with the Optimus G Pro. Having said that, we expect LG’s flagship smartphone to be offered to the US market sometime this month as well.

Before some of our readers say 500,000 units is not a lot in this day and age, just remember these sales were for South Korea only, which is significant. Just imagine what this number would have been if the Optimus G Pro was made available at launch to the US, Europe, Hong Kong, Australia, Russia and other major markets?



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