Metal Gear Solid V, David Hayter part 2

By Alan Ng - Apr 2, 2013

The fallout over the lack of Solid Snake’s original voice actor in Metal Gear Solid V is continuing this week, it seems. David Hayter has now given more details into why he won’t be appearing in Hideo Kojima’s upcoming sequel, reiterating that nobody from Konami or Kojima himself offered an explanation or reasoning as to why he wasn’t included this time around.

For a guy that has been involved in Metal Gear Solid games since the iconic PS1 title back in 1998, this has been a very bitter pill to swallow for a lot of die hard Metal Gear fans, who still can’t believe that he won’t be in the game.

We told you recently how a petition had been set up to get him back in the game before release, but now Hayter has decided to use his personal Twitter account to get a few more things off his chest. He has revealed that if it were up to him, he would be voicing Snake forever.

He also was very honest to say that he feels ‘ill’ to think about the prospect of another actor voicing Snake other than him – and who can blame him. Ultimately though, he has said it is Hideo Kojima and Konami’s decision and that it is fair if they don’t want him in the next project.

With that in mind, there are still some fans who believe that this could all be a ruse to build up further attention towards the game, and that David Hayter will be included in Metal Gear Solid V after all. The note by Hayter is dated April 1st, 2013, but it would really be an evil move if this was all a joke by Hayter and Kojima.

Having said that, it still feels like the whole saga isn’t over yet. Read the whole thing for yourself and let us know your thoughts on it. Do you think it is a PR stunt or not?

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  • Tablat Market

    Perhaps he isn´t the same Snake… And that is why they are using a different voice this time. Why judge Kojima with so little information? Why judge him at all? I say we should wait, Kojima probably has something very interesting for these games… Or do you really think Kojima would cancel Hayter without a really interesting explanation? Let the Master do his work.

  • Tablat Market

    At the end it is Kojima´s decision.

  • Goooby

    Guys, get on TWITTER, EMAIL, YOUR PHONES. Lets send as much of a message as possible to Konami/Kojima and let them know we will not buy this game if this is what they are doing

  • MissingNo

    Deal Breaker, sorry Kojima. Hayter is way to nice for something like this to happen to him


    hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm so why did we go and get Riaden VO back eailer this year and not Snake… ? something is going on here

  • Neverever

    Right OK im sure Big Boss’s voice just magically changed after peace walker. No hayter no buy

  • Revereda

    You guys realize this makes even less sense when you hear that Akio (Japense VO for Snake) is returning, this was just firing David Hayter. I for one will not be purchasing this.

  • There is only1snake

    Oh I see Kojima, lets reinvent the series. . .but instead of reinventing,
    actually lets just fire one guy. NO HAYTER, NO BUY

  • Westifesto

    “Fun fact: David Hayter gave up half his paycheck merely to get the original voice cast for Metal Gear Solid: Twin Snakes. He was that dedicated to bringing the fans the authentic metal gear experience. He is too nice to ask us, but how could we possibly turn our back on him in his time of need? I will fight for David Hayter any day.”