iPhone 6 could lack radical innovations

By Peter Chubb - Apr 2, 2013

We pretty much know that the iPhone 5S will be a minor upgrade to the current model, but we expect to see a major change with the iPhone 6. However, if recent rumors are true then the iPhone 6 could lack those radical innovations we have been waiting for.

You may wonder why we would say such a thing considering all the rumors to the contrary? Those rumors include a larger display (which is needed), a different form-factor and many hardware advancements. We expect to see some changes, but news regarding Steve Jobs still having a hand in the design of the next two iPhones will be met with joy and resentment.

The joy in knowing the visionary that was Steve Jobs still has a lasting reach, and has proved popular over the years, but knowing his hate for making a large iPhone could scupper ideas of a 4.5-inch or larger iPhone 6. It’s also got to be tough for the likes of Tim Cook and Jony Ive knowing they still don’t have full control over certain aspects of Apple’s design process, if this news from San Francisco Examiner is true of course.

As you would imagine there will be some skeptics who would have you believe Apple knows they have had several issues since Steve’s passing, and feel the need to put his name on upcoming devices, but when you look at the record sales numbers of the iPhone 5, Apple isn’t doing too badly.

However, this does not resolve the issue that Steve Jobs hated the idea of a large iPhone, and so we might have to wait until 2015 before we see anything over four inches. Then again Steve never wanted a smaller iPad, and look how well the mini has turned out for Apple.

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  • john

    All iphone upgrades have lacked innovation, most iphone upgrade adverts have also used tech that’s been available on android for about a year as new tech lol! In my opinion Windows 8 Mobile is far superior to anything else that is available on the market, it simply works brilliantly!