Pokemon X and Y news update within 7 days

By Alan Ng - Apr 1, 2013

We finally have some good news to bring to Pokemon fans, as the official Pokemon Twitter account has revealed that big news for Pokemon X and Y is finally due within 7 days. We have seen a plethora of disappointing fake information for the highly anticipated 3DS title lately, so this is perfect timing for those who may have been expecting something to drop at GDC 2013.

We actually thought that Nintendo and Game Freak wouldn’t be revealing anything on the game until E3 2013 in June, considering that they have been extremely silent on releasing information after the previous Sylveon reveal. We’re glad to hear that they will be providing fans with a much needed tease though coming this weekend.

The Pokemon Twitter account has confirmed that new information is coming on Pokemon X and Y on Saturday April 6th, not just any news but ‘big’ news as well. It’s also important to add that the news is expected to be happening on a global scale as well, so not just information releasing in Japan as we have seen in the past.

As mentioned above, we have only had the Sylveon revealed as a new Pokemon evolution type in X and Y. Surely, Nintendo and Game Freak will be using Saturday’s event to unveil some other brand new Pokemon that will be added to the game. We’re guessing that a full Pokedex list will be out of the question now – but we can always hope.

Aside from new Pokemon reveals – what other areas of the game would you like an update on? Would you like to see some of the locations that are included in the game, or some official Pokemon Gym Leader info? Just days to go for some official news at last – it has been a long wait.

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  • Tito

    I hope they reveal something big a new type! Highly unlikely but that would be awesome

  • bobo

    this is awesome i love pkmn and im going hyper active for this.

  • Chase001

    What’s the next regions name going to be?


    they will not reveal a full pokedex and to hope for one is ridiculous. the point of worldwide release is no spoilers and giving everyone the joy of an unknown pokemon generation just like the first time we fans ever played.

  • either this is an april fools joke or they have the date wrong becase april 7th is a sunday

    • NgTurbo

      It was actually meant to be April 6, apologies. This is definitely no April fools joke! New info coming this weekend. 🙂