Metal Gear Solid 5 without David Hayter petition

By now, most of you have probably seen the massive Metal Gear Solid 5 unveil at this week’s GDC conference in San Francisco. As expected, the game is the concluding result of the Phantom Pain teasers that been going on, but there is one big debate that is threatening to overshadow the release of MGS5 – the voice of Snake, David Hayter will not be in the game.

David Hayter and Snake, is the equivalent of Ikue Ōtani as the voice of Pikachu, Jeff Pescetto as the DuckTales theme singer and so on – you just can’t replace these sort of guys. But it is really happening in Metal Gear Solid 5 and most of you had already spotted it straight away when we didn’t hear his voice in the debut trailer for the game.

David Hayter has already spoken out on the issue, revealing his emotions on Twitter to shocked fans. He said that he ‘has had a good run’ with the series but more alarmingly, revealed to one user that Kojima Productions didn’t even ask him to be in the game next game.

If true, we find that quite astonishing, since he has helped to create a massive part of the success that the Metal Gear Solid franchise has gone on to achieve. Since his comments on Twitter, it is worth pointing out that the information where he said that he wasn’t asked to be in the game, has been deleted entirely – so draw your own conclusions on this.

As a result, Kojima and Konami are actually taking a little heat on the exclusion of David Hayter in the game, as some have said that they won’t buy the game if the real voice of Snake isn’t included. There is now a petition online over at, pleading with Mr Kojima and the powers above to put Hayter in the game as the voice of Snake and Big Boss.

Are you going to sign and lend your support? If you are a big Metal Gear Solid fan, let us know your thoughts on MGSV without the voice of Snake – will you still buy it or not?



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