Black Ops 2 Zombies Mob of the Dead DLC news

By Alan Ng - Mar 29, 2013

It has been a good while since we last had any new Black Ops 2 Zombies information to give you. However, as we approach the Easter weekend, we’re pleased to say that we have a big rumor to share with you now, since the next DLC map pack for the game could have been unveiled early as Uprising.

Uprising could be the next Map Pack to release for the successful shooter after Revolution, although we’re hearing that Uprising may contain less content this time around. Revolution featured four new multiplayer maps, a DLC weapon, a new zombie map and a brand new zombie mode as well.

Rumors that we’ve heard though suggest that Uprising will contain one new zombie map called ‘Mob of the Dead’ and two new multiplayer maps called Studio and Vertigo. If you have played all of the zombie maps from the first Black Ops game, you’ll know that there was a map released called Call of the Dead, which was a unique map featuring celebrities transformed into zombies.

It remains one of the most popular zombie maps ever released and Mob of the Dead could be a seen as a follow up to that map, with different celebrities featuring this time. Perhaps this special zombie map could be the reason why Treyarch may only include two new multiplayer maps, instead of four.

It’s worth pointing out that Mob of the Dead is also being touted as ‘the most terrifying zombies experience to date’, thanks to some leaked details from the source code on the Black Ops 2 website. It’s fair to say that zombies has become a massive success for Treyarch since its debut, so would you be happy if Uprising prioritized zombies ahead of multiplayer for the next DLC release?

Let us know your initial ideas on Mob of the Dead. If celebrities are going to be featured – who do you want to see?

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  • Ryan

    you should make a mall level like in dawn of the dead….!

  • tommylmg55

    i would like to see the old characters in a place like london or new york

  • Brian

    Adam sander,Chris rock, Ron Schneider and that one guy from mall cop!! The GRown ups cast!!

  • Samuri

    Zombies first and add a wonder weapon in the box and put old characters back thanks for all your hard work

  • Kristhegamer2059

    (OS.A or so on means Off Screen.)

    A) Morgan Freeman
    B) Barrack Obama
    C) Marlton
    D) Misty
    OS.A) Stulinger

    OS.B) Russman
    OS.A and OS.B could be in a bunker or just about anywhere off screen.

  • Chainchamp

    This zombies map should be big in zombies history dark and scary mayb make it like a maze where u don’t want to turn a corner because it’s so scary and there be new really scary zombies

  • pottsy

    daryl dixon, jason statham, woody harrelson and michelle rodriguez

  • They should make you play as members of Avenged Sevenfold, seeing as how they were already in the game, and there songs were featured in the previous Call of the Dead zombie

  • Nick

    In the advanced search settings, allow players to choose an option to play with other players who also have microphones. If done correctly, this should require no more than a simple “if-else” statement.

  • Meeee

    Would like to see Michael Jackson

  • 1

    2pac biggie big l eminem

  • jacob Begin

    how about this:its kinda like call of the dead but with a twist …….dramatic pause……….. its on alkatraz

  • Breezy

    I would like to see Rick grimes, Darrel, Glenn, and Shane from THE WALKING DEAD. That would be awesome

  • d2bj

    Make zombies first please have better matchmaking no more recoil and a wonder weapon oh and the old characters back go on youtube and see that everyone wants this.

  • CodEqualsFail

    here is an idea for mob of the dead – Have working matchmaking. The game is a complete failure in this department. Here is another idea – have it so the game does not hard freeze the console. AVOID THIS GAME AND ITS DLC

    • Christopher Jelly

      Not everyone has the freezing problems. It’s most likely because your hard drive is filled with downloads. The more downloads and connection problems, the more freezes. I’ve also never had a problem with matchmaking on Black Ops 2. They must be only your problems.
      Please stop ignorantly judging. Don’t call me a fanboy either, I play all kinds of games on all consoles.

      • Research before you speak

        To be fair to cod equals fail he is not the only one that had this problem so before you jump on his back do a bit of research first as when i first encountered the die rise freeze i google searched it and found endless forums with hundreds of complaints from blk ops 2 players with the same problems. It also has nothing to do with the amount of downloaded content on a system although i do not own an xbox360 so if its that you are talking about then i cannot pass knowlegable info.
        In my opinion its just another fail from the long list of treyarch/activision’s incompetencies. Lets make a game make billions then try to fix it after. Pathetic
        Zombies fan btw