Batman Arkham Origins storyline vs Arkham City sequel

By Alan Ng - Mar 29, 2013

We have some fantastic news for fans of the Batman Arkham series, as it looks like the next entry in the popular franchise is heading straight to next gen consoles such as the Sony PS4 and Microsoft’s next-gen effort. Batman Arkham Origins is thought to be the title of the next game and E3 2013 is now looking likely as the destination for the exciting premiere reveal.

While we agree that it would be nice to keep some things secret until E3 2013 in June, we can’t help but get excited upon hearing that the next Batman Arkham game looks to have been leaked already. A French website by the name of GameBlog has spilled the details, as they have said that the game will take place in the 50s and 60s and feature members of the Justice League.

Their unnamed source has also told them that the game will be officially unveiled at E3 2013 and that it will be announced as a next-gen title. We previously heard strange rumors on how Rocksteady wouldn’t be developing the next game, but we’re pleased to hear that this new information does indeed include Rocksteady as developers.

A storyline between the 50s and 60s would obviously be very interesting, but we have a feeling that a lot of you will be much more excited about potential Justice League members turning up – another rumor that has been mentioned in the past. Presuming this is all true though, who would you like to see appear in the game?

Imagine if the likes of Flash and Superman become playable characters, which can be unlocked by completing certain objectives in the game? Rocksteady clearly know what they are doing though with two very successful titles under their belts with Arkham Asylum and then followed up with Arkham City.

We also hear from our readers that a lot of you would prefer a sequel to Arkham City ahead of anything else, so would you be happy if Rocksteady decided to venture off course on another storyline instead? Remember that this is still all rumors for now, but it is looking promising.

Tell us how highly you rate the Arkham series and what your initial thoughts are on an ‘Origins’ title on next-gen consoles.

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    To be honest i think that a silver age prequel woon’t be as exciting as a sequel and the whole justice league members coming into play idea really isn’t that great. The arkham franchise is a batman franchise in gameing so leave it at that because thay have a very good thing going and the way forward would be to have all the side missions of arkham city make more sense by actualy makeing them out to be a kind of more open in your face easter eggs ( for example the hush side missions ). Also if they do decide to go with a prequel and have a story based more on how batman first mmets the joker then it should be golden age era they use not the silver age as the silver age was to be fair not that perfect, this is because the arkham games have a darkness to them that really plays a big part in the games overall greatness and if the silver age is used it could see this being slightly torn. Another thing that might not help the case of having a prequel is that theres no mark hamill to play the voice of the joker which is not a good thing in general as hamill help create a joker that really in it’s own sense is to great to replace.

  • BatmanGEEK99

    I think that they should do a sequel… there are some gaps in Arkham City that I would personally like to be filled such as Hush and Arezel. I honestly see no improvement with them doing a prequel. It would not improve the story and it would not improve my liking of the Arkham franchise as a sequel would. It would just be repeating what has already been said I guess it is best put. A sequel would improve the story by throwing sucker punches and unexpected appearances and things like that that made Asylum and City so great. If they did a prequel it would not do anything… of anything make more people repel from their fantastic games.

    • BatmanGEEK99

      *Azrael… sorry…

  • Swix

    Arkham City, was a continuation of Arkham Asylum, and in that Rocksteady made a fantastic game even better, something that is rarely seen in today’s gaming world. A natural flow to the Batman Arkham evolution would be to go from Arkham City to something on a larger, grander scale, something like “Batman Gotham City” would make a lot of gamers out there happy.

    Bring in other enemies that were touched on in the previous games, Mad Hatter, Black Mask, throw in the usual die hard’s like Penguin, Killer Croc, Two Face, Scarecrow. Hell throw them all in plus Azrael, elaborate more on that. More gadgets, more abilities, more plots, schemes.

    Forget the JLA altogether and flashback sequences. Doing prequels seems to be the general theme for games and movies these days, as the developers and such have no originality..and that was what the whole Batman Arkham and Arkham City had, originality… Don’t take that away from any subsequent sequel to this series.

  • Call In Hero

    The idea of an origins story doesn’t really interest me at all; one of the things I liked about the Arkham franchise was that the relationship between the characters was already established. I’m hoping that they will mix both ideas that are floating around. The game could be a sequel, but have flashback sequences that look at how Batman and Joker first met. It’s the best way I can see it being done.

    As for the justice league, I’d prefer the rest of the Bat-family to be shown instead, perhaps even being playable. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not someone who only likes the Bat-family, Flash is probably my favorite DC character so to see him would be awesome, but for the universe Rocksteady created I just don’t see the JLA being appropriate.

    • BatmanGEEK99

      That is actually a pretty good idea. If they have their minds set on doing this than they should do it exactly as you described it…