GTA V new eye candy before E3 2013 reveal

It has been a while since we last had any official GTA V news to share with you, but we’re pleased to say that Rockstar has delivered during GDC 2013 week. The developer has just released a new batch of GTA V screenshots for you to enjoy, giving a glimpse of some of the beautiful environments that will be featured within the massive open world.

It isn’t just a few new screenshots either like we have seen in the past, but rather a generous 10 new images for you to drool over. The graphics seem to be looking better and better each time we see the game, and it has even prompted Rockstar to clarify on which hardware is being used to showcase the images.

Rockstar has only confirmed the game for PS3 and Xbox 360 of course, but users are already asking Rockstar if these screenshots are being taken from a PC version of the game, or even a next-gen PS4 or Xbox build. Rockstar has generously replied in the comments section of their NewsWire, by reiterating that the graphics shown in the new screenshots are definitely from current-generation consoles – so PS3 and Xbox 360.

We particularly love the image of the Lightning, so we’ve chosen that one which you’ll see highlighted above. The rest can be seen in the link above and they are equally as beautiful. Also notice that there is another look at deep sea exploration, as we see a character with scuba gear on which also looks stunning.

Rockstar really cannot do any wrong with this game can they? We think it’s probably safe to write game of the year on the box art already – don’t you? Take a look at all of the new screenshots and tell us which one is your favorite.



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