Battlefield 4 premium confirmed, beta date still MIA

Battlefield 3 gamers may be getting their teeth into End Game at the moment, as part of the last DLC expansion and included with the Battlefield 3 Premium Package. On the whole EA’s premium content should be deemed as a success, so you’ll be unsurprised to hear that Battlefield 4 Premium has already been confirmed for the follow up game in Fall 2013.

That means that at the very least, Battlefield 4 buyers should be expecting another five expansion packs and other goodies for the one off fee of $50 – basically the price of another full game. EA hasn’t confirmed the exact contents of Battlefield 4 Premium yet, but we definitely don’t see it being higher than $50 – it would obviously be a dangerous move if they tried to make it higher.

What has been confirmed though is a ‘Premium Pack’ for everyone who pre-orders the game. Again, EA hasn’t said what is inside this Premium Pack yet, but hopefully it will contain some extra maps to make the incentive a lot better than just some free dog tags, like what we have seen with some early retailer pre-orders.

Just to make it clear, existing Battlefield 3 Premium members are also getting access to the Battlefield 4 beta – DICE has confirmed. However, it hasn’t been confirmed if all platforms are getting a beta, since DICE has only so far revealed a PC beta for those that pre-order the PC Version on Origin.

With all of that in mind, there isn’t even a beta release date yet other than ‘late 2013’, but don’t forget that the full game is due out during the 2013 Fall period. Hopefully EA will make things a lot clearer at E3 in June, as we’re sure many of you have a lot of questions that need answering.

Which version of the game are you getting – current, next-gen or PC? We’ll update you as we learn further information.



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