Watch Dogs gameplay analysis on next-gen

By Alan Ng - Mar 27, 2013

We have a welcome update on Watch Dogs to bring you now, as Ubisoft has decided to release an interesting new gameplay video. This one gives us another look at the footage we saw during Sony’s PS4 presentation, but this time with added commentary analysis allowing to take a closer look at the inner-depths of the game.

More specifically, we get a more intimate introduction to Aiden Pearce courtesy of the Chicago Central Operating System or the CtOS as it is commonly referred to in-game. The commentary provided shows how Pearce has managed to hack into different aspects of the CtOS, in order to gain funds for himself from another person’s private bank account, or evade the Chicago Police Department if he needs to make a quick getaway.

While you may be disappointed that this isn’t new gameplay as such, we think it is a clever video none the less which expands on what we saw during Sony’s PS4 event. We are already seing plenty of comparisons with the likes of GTA V and Sleeping Dogs and we have a feeling that this is just one example of Ubisoft’s efforts to try and make the game stand out on its own merit.

The video also teases the possibility of Aiden having a mystery person watching over him, which could prove to be an ally or an enemy. The graphics look decent enough, but perhaps a lot of you will be expecting much more when the game is running on PC optimal settings, since Ubisoft has already confirmed PC to be the lead platform of the game.

Watch Dogs is also releasing on Wii U, PS3, Xbox 360, PS4 and the next Xbox so there will be no shortage of platforms to play the game on. Have you decided which version you are getting? Ubisoft are targeting a release before the end of the year, so expect to see the next major reveal at E3 2013.

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  • ConsolesintheCold

    Well, I know plenty of PC gamers, but very few are interested in Watch Dogs or GTAV for that matter. They love things like Starcraft 2, WoW etc. Besides, unless the game needs continual online to play, they would just torrent it anyway. Unfortunately there are many who prefer these games on consoles and I am one of them. I will be getting PS4 on day 1, but will certainly NOT be buying this game that Ubi have admitted is just a shoddy port from PC. If PC is the lead platform, which hardware set-up (out of the billions of permeatations available) will the game be made for? This game will flop sales-wise as the loyalty Ubisoft show PC gamers will not be returned in kind (after all, PC gamers spend their money on hardware, whereas console gamers spend their money on software). And to announce to the world that they care about PC gamers more than console gamers is a commercially reckless statement. Ubi need to hire a few business guys who can see the folly in alienating the vast majority of (paying) gaming consumers. Rockstar have done the same to PC gamers, because they know consoles are where the SALES are. I could be wrong. Watch Dogs could outsell GTAV. But I think not after this announcement. Other than this deal-breaking announcement, it looked like a good game. Guess I get to keep my AUD100.