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Temple Run 2 release overlooked for Windows Phone

You don’t need to be reminded how successful Temple Run was when it first launched on iOS then later on Android devices; and as you would expect a sequel came along and also proved very popular on both platforms. However, if you are a Windows Phone user you will know this app has evaded you so far.

Thankfully your calls for the ever-popular game has been answered, but if you were hoping to skip the original and see Temple Run 2 release on Windows Phone, then we are sad to say this has been overlooked. It seems strange why the game developer will want to offer such an old version of the game on this new platform, but maybe this is a way to get users wanting more?

As yet there is no word as to when the sequel will be made available to Windows Phone users, but we imagine Imangi would give it several months to gauge a reaction from users to see how popular it is. However, we fear Temple Run is so old such a late release may backfire on the developer.

The price for the original Temple Run on the Windows Phone Store will be $0.99 when released a little later today. Do you believe WP will always be behind when it comes to apps like these, or do you believe they will soon release in unison with iOS and Android?

We’d also like to know if you feel exclusives are a better option rather than what is popular on other platforms?

You might also be interested to know Gravity Guy 2 will also be released today for Windows Phone, so seems like a pretty good day for WP owners who love to play games.

Thanks to The Verge.


  • Peter Chubb

    And where have I said you are unable to download Temple Run 2 on Android?


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