Inadequate BlackBerry Z10 US sales reinforces skepticism

By Peter Chubb - Mar 27, 2013

The success of the BlackBerry Z10 in the UK and Canada was a great result for the company, but things have not been as positive in the US since being released a little under a week ago. It seems as though the Canadian phone maker is having trouble competing with their foes Apple and Samsung yet again.

After BlackBerry had shouted over the treetops how popular the Z10 has been in the markets it had been released in, news of the inadequate BlackBerry Z10 sales in the US reinforces skepticism shared by many analysts.

There is no denying the US market is key to the success of BlackBerry and their first BB10 handset, so hearing about poor sales, which affected stock prices, is not the news BlackBerry wanted to hear. It’s a shame because this is an important handset for the company, but a report looking into the lack of support (such as Instagram) from the Z10 is certainly one reason why sales have been a little lackluster.

However, there are other problems attributing to poor sales in the US, such as less than impressive battery life, but overall the Z10 is still a pretty decent handset. Before analysts condemn the BlackBerry Z10 before it has had a chance to prove itself, we have to remember the handset has only been available on AT&T and T-Mobile at this moment, with Verizon offering the first BlackBerry 10 device to their customers from tomorrow, which should help bolster sales.

Let’s hope BlackBerry’s fortunes change when the Q10 is released, as we all know BlackBerry always has a hard time shifting handsets with no physical keyboard like the Z10.

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  • Where is the information that US sales of the Z10 are not good?

  • Dagwood

    Uh, Chubb I believe you mean Q1 as opposed to Q10. I also think we are looking at another Palm. The only thing yet left unresolved is does Blackberry sell to another company or just go out of business. I predict in the next 18 -24 months there will no Blackberry as we now know it.

    • Dagwood if you think Blackberry is another Palm then you don’t know much. Blackberry has no debt, Palm had over 100 million in debt. Blackberry has 2.9 Billion in cash, Palm had 400 million. Blackberry is releasing up to 6 devices on about 160 carriers world wide, Palm released on One single US carrier. Last but not least, Blackberry has over 75 million users. I don’t know what Palm had but I know it wasn’t near that. Your prediction looks really stupid to anyone who knows the facts.

      Oh and PS, Blackberry just make 98 million dollars in Q4 2012. how does a company go out of business when you make 98 million in 3 months?

    • cubist rebel

      Hey Dagwood, c’mon!…You know Blackberry is clear out of the woods by now. Lets see how far it’s gonna go. If you’re gonna bash BB at least keep up with where it’s at now. For example, the smarter bashers are talking about how the 1 million shipped in the first 2 to 4 weeks are really not actual sales. Or how the initial momentum has died down because people are returning the phones like lemmings! If ya gonna bash…do it right…or everybody will just see through ya!