Xbox 720 logo rumor creates buzz

By Alan Ng - Mar 26, 2013

Microsoft hasn’t announced their next-generation Xbox console to the world yet, but it looks like they held a secret meeting earlier this month to discuss the upcoming launch. We have a new image to show you now, appearing to reveal the official logo for the next console and also potentially confirming that the new system will simply be known as ‘Xbox’, and not Xbox ‘720’ as christened due to popular belief.

That’s right – the image you see above is thought to have been taken at Microsoft’s internal Xbox event and the image has come directly from an anonymous person who has created a Twitter account just to reveal the image. Microsoft may have a mole on their hands leaking information, but what are your thoughts on the design choice for the logo if legit, and of course the fact that it is just ‘Xbox’?

While this could be another Photoshop attempt by individuals with nothing better to do, it has to be said that the theme does look convincing and fits in line with Microsoft’s Metro theme for the Windows 8 user interface. It is widely thought that Windows 8 will be integrated into the next Xbox console, although we do have to admit that the logo will need to grow on us over time.

Would you be happy calling the next console just ‘Xbox’, or did you actually want Microsoft to name the console the Xbox 720? This is assuming that the picture is real of course, so perhaps we shouldn’t get too excited just yet. An official Microsoft event is thought to be taking place before E3 2013, sometime in April – so hopefully we’ll get a confirmation of this logo before then.

For now, let us know what you think of the overall logo design, and whether you could accept the Xbox name or not.

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  • Anon Mouse

    I don’t think anybody actually believed it would be called Xbox 720, it was just a colloquial term for the next gen xbox.

    ‘360’ actually had a meaning, a full, immersive experience. 720 means nothing.

    Also, I don’t know anybody who referred to it as the ‘Xbox 360’. When was the last time a friend said “You wanna come round and play some xbox 360?” Never, that’s when. They say “wanna come round and play on the xbox”, so in that sense, if it was just called Xbox, that would be fine. “Xbox 3” would be fine, too. I just can’t think of a worse possible name than xbox 720 and I can guarantee it will not be named that.

    Just like the name xbox 360 came out of nowhere, people expected it to be named simply xbox 2, the name for the new xbox will in my opinion be either simply xbox, or something completely out of line with previous generations.

    • icebound

      that is wrong it call xbox 720

  • joshwatson0077

    xbox durango has kind of grown on me over the months to be honest…. but no metter what the name will be im just ready for a release date!