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PS Vita big name game delayed in 2013

We have some bad news for PS Vita owners now, as SEGA has just confirmed that Phantasy Star Online 2 is being delayed in the US. The game is already out on PC as of last year and is already available in Japanese on the PS Vita. Now though there isn’t even a revised release date for the US release and it means that PS Vita owners have a while longer to wait for one of the expected big guns of 2013.

There was real promise that Phantasy Star Online 2 could go on to be one of the early successes for Sony through the year, providing that Sega released the game in the first quarter of 2013 as initially thought. However, it looks like Sega need further time to localize the game for US and EU markets, so PS Vita owners will have to look elsewhere for their next big RPG fix.

We still don’t have a Final Fantasy game on the system yet, but we’re hopeful that Square-Enix will rectify this with Final Fantasy X HD which lands on the PS Vita before the end of the year. One alternative that we can suggest if you really want to try the Japanese version out, is to download the PC version and install one of the various translation patches that are available.

It will take some digging to do, but we do hear that it works just fine and will allow you to have an excellent preview of the game – it’s probably the best option at the moment since Sega has yet to give any updated release information, which is usually a bad sign.

Along with Final Fantasy X HD, it now looks like Killzone Mercenary, Zone of the Enders HD and Soul Sacrifice are only big name titles left to release this year. Let us know if you were planning to buy PSO2 on the Vita and what you think of Sega’s delay.



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