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Canon 70D rumored specs revisited ahead of release

We had assumed Canon were going to announce the release of the 70D DSLR considering they revealed several other camera models last week, but as yet the much-anticipated 60D successor is a no show. However, this doesn’t mean we will not see it soon.

We have recently learned that the Canon 70D could now be released or at least unveiled in April considering March is almost over and Easter is almost upon us. However, this may not be the case seeing as though both the 50D and the 60D were announced in August 2008 and 2010 respectively.

This would mean the Canon 70D could be announced in August as well, although it’s assumed this would have taken place in 2012, seeing as though this fits in with the two-year cycle.

Moving away from the release date, maybe we should revisit some of the rumored Canon 70D specs, as it has been suggested the new DSLR could take the quality build from the 50D because the 60D was a little too plastic for some peoples taste.

Rumors also suggest the 70D could sport an 18-megapixel sensor, which is very similar to the Rebel T5i. It’s a certainty the new DSLR will offer Full HD 1080p video capture, 6-7fps frame rate and possibly a capacitive touch screen.

To get more of an insight of what to expect specification wise with the Canon 70D, then maybe you need to look at the Rebel T5i for clues, which is just what Canon Rumors has done. Whatever happens, Canon need to get their act together becasue the Nikon D7100 is having all the fun so far, considering sales have been so successful some retailers ran out early. The 70D could help change all that, but then again Canon could be playing the long game.



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