Battlefield 4 2013 release date rumors with pre-order

Are you getting pumped up about the imminent Battlefield 4 event, which is just hours away now? Initially, it was presumed that Battlefield 4 would be a 2014 release when EA first announced the game. However, we’re hearing strong rumors this week that Battlefield 4 could actually be finished in time for a 2013 release on next-gen consoles and PC.

If that is true, then it’s obviously fantastic news for Battlefield 3 premium owners, who will be feeling starved of new content since the last DLC expansion End Game releases this month for everyone – with presumably no other new content coming out for the game.

Despite the fact that EA’s event is almost upon us, it appears that one last piece of information has slipped out, coming in the form of a promo poster, which apparently confirms that the game will be out during the Fall 2013 period. The poster also reveals that those who pre-order the game will get some more dog tags as goodies, only these ones will be active in Battlefield 4, not 3.

The poster looks legit enough to us, but still be wary that it could be a photoshop as anything is possible in today’s climate. It’s worth pointing out that the pre-order bonus applies to EB Games orders only, so don’t worry if you think the incentive bonus is a little stingy – we’re sure there will be a lot of other offers floating around closer to release.

If the game is coming out before the end of the year, then it also means that we should expect the Battlefield 4 beta to arrive earlier than planned as well. Having said that, if the beta is going to be on all platforms, then EA would obviously have to wait until the PS4 is released first.

Are you pleased that Battlefield 4 is now looking likely to be a 2013 release, rather than 2014? How excited are you about playing the beta?



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