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Assassin’s Creed 4 gameplay with Black Chest joy

If you are already set on picking up Assassin’s Creed 4 Black Flag on day one of release, you’ll want to know that Ubisoft has now confirmed the entire set of limited edition versions of the game that are up for grabs. On offer for those willing to pay a bit extra, is the Black Chest Edition, which comes with a 55cm life-like figurine of main character Edward Kenway.

Aside from the various limited editions available for Assassin’s Creed 4, Ubisoft has also released a brand new gameplay trailer for the upcoming game, and it is well worth a watch if you are looking to pick this up from launch. Just to mention again for those that are not aware, the game is also releasing on the Sony PS4 as well – with a likely release date of October 31st which could end up being the PS4 launch date as well.

The Black Chest Edition of ACIV is the most desirable of all and it’s also the most expensive package available for £120 on all platforms in the UK. Along with the figurine as mentioned above, you’ll also get an exclusive steelbook, artbook, the official soundtrack, 2 lithographs, 2 canvas prints, some pirate booty and a collector’s box to store everything inside.

Perhaps more importantly, you’ll also get every single piece of pre-order content for the game as well, which includes three single player missions, weapons and multiplayer skins. If you want a cheaper package, there is also the Buccaneer Edition, the Skull Edition, a standard Special Edition and a Black Island Pack to tempt you. Details of the content included can be seen over at Polygon here.

At least there’s no danger of Ubisoft not providing enough incentives for the game. Have they perhaps gone a little over the top though with the sheer amount of versions available for the game? The new trailer is excellent though we have to say. Watch it above and let us know if you are tempted to pick up the Black Chest Edition.



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