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Reasons to buy a Wii U from Nintendo

If you are considering to buy a Nintendo Wii U system in the coming months, you may be looking for reasons to justify your purchase. Nintendo may have been quiet in the marketing department lately, but they have shown some effort recently with a new Wii U advertisement flyer that has been doing the rounds at PAX 2013.

The system has attracted its fair share of criticism lately, some of it justified but a lot of it unnecessary. We would say at the moment, the Wii U is suffering from a little bit of the PS Vita syndrome, in the sense that the system just needs more quality games to come out – and a lot more support from third-party developers than what we’ve seen recently.

Once that factor improves, the rest will take care of itself we feel. Meanwhile over at PAX 2013, Nintendo has attempted to give consumers another insight into the advantages that their new console has over the original Wii. However, some of their reasons are actually pretty amusing and perhaps questions if Nintendo’s marketing staff actually know what they are doing.

They have ticked boxes such as ‘connects to the internet’, ‘uses the Wii U GamePad’ and even ‘plays games online’ – three factors that a five year old could already assume when playing the system for the first time. One good reason to pick up the Wii U hasn’t even been mentioned on the list – GameCube functionality on the Wii U.

Why hasn’t Nintendo touted this as an advantage? It is definitely a piece of information that consumers would want to know since backwards compatibility remains a big plus for most gamers. While it’s nice to see Nintendo push their system, perhaps they could have thought out a better idea than this dubious flyer.

Take a look at the image in full here and let us know your thoughts on it. Current Wii U owners – can you think of some better reasons than Nintendo as to why your purchase has been justified?



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