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PS Vita new games to include Jak and Daxter HD?

We have some good news for PS Vita owners now, as it looks like you are about to get a generous helping of Jak and Daxter content, coming in the form of a Jak and Daxter HD collection. The trio of games was previously released for PS3, but now it could be on the way to Sony’s handheld as well thanks to an early ESRB listing.

For those of you that didn’t play the PS3 version, we can tell you that the Jak and Daxter Collection consists of Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy and also Jak 2 and Jak 3 as well. The franchise is very popular among fans, but so far Sony hasn’t said anything officially on whether it is coming to the PS Vita.

Luckily, this ESRB rating listing tells us otherwise and it is usually a good indication that games are due out a few months after after showing up online. 2013 now seems to be the year for a lot of existing franchises brought back to life with HD remasters – Final Fantasy X HD perhaps the pick of the bunch and also the recently announced DuckTales remake as well.

While we doubt it would happen, it would be fantastic for those who already have the PS3 collection to get this free on PS Vita via the cross buy initiative. Even then though, the game is going to look pretty stunning when updated to visuals to suit the 5-inch OLED on Sony’s Vita, so a new purchase may fully be warranted.

Although not confirmed, these could be the very first screenshots of the PS Vita Jak collection in action so take a look anyway. Things are finally looking up for the PS Vita with many games now due out in 2013. Patience is a virtue it seems – let us know what PS Vita games you are looking forward to playing this year.



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