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iPhone 5S components hint internal changes

Even though there is speculation Apple could release an iPhone 6 later this year, an iPhone 5S being released is more plausible. Over the years whenever a new smartphone from Apple is due we begin to see parts being leaked, and while some of them turn out to be fake, others are often on the money.

It’s for this reason why we have to ask ourselves if these recent leaked iPhone 5S components are the real deal or not, which you can also see for yourself above? There is said to be several components leaked and shows that there could be several internal changes, while the exterior should remain the same – although we pretty much know this already.

Some of those internal changes – if true of course – would be a revised home button, volume/mute cable and vibration components. We have to wonder if Apple is making massive changes to the hardware, or are they just doing some housekeeping to make things a little tidier inside the next iPhone?

We still find it amazing that some people assume the next iPhone will be a major upgrade to the iPhone, as many consumers still believe the upcoming iPhone will come with a fingerprint sensor, a larger screen and several other innovations.

Okay so most of us know Apple needs to add these new features to the 2013 iPhone, but let’s face it, it’s going to be business as usual, so we should just expect some minor changes to the hardware.

These should include a minor upgrade to the CPU and the camera, along with the biggest change, which is iOS 7. Check out some of these latest iOS 7 concept videos.



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