Diablo 3 console dominance, auction house update

By Alan Ng - Mar 25, 2013

While most of you patiently wait for Blizzard to drop a release date for the PS3 version of Diablo 3, it looks like the console version of the game may end up as the most superior. It has already been confirmed that the game won’t have Battle.net functionality, but recent previews of the game at PAX 2013 suggest that Diablo 3 on console won’t even miss this feature, due to exciting other features exclusive to the console version.

One of the these will undoubtedly be the addition of offline play for Diablo 3, a feature that isn’t available on PC since the game has an always-online requirement. This is a huge deal for prospective console players as it effectively means that we won’t see a repeat of the server errors that troubled PC users, or indeed queues trying to get into servers which is evident across the border for Sim City players.

Aside from an offline mode, a recent preview compiled by Kotaku argues that using a console to play Diablo 3 is even more convenient than the traditional keyboard and mouse system used down the years on PC. They have managed to play the game during PAX 2013 and have boldly come out with the following conclusion:

“Diablo III feels much, much better on a controller than it does on a mouse and keyboard.”

They’ve also said that the fact that Blizzard is developing the console port in-house, rather than a third-party developer, means that the game is going to be well worth the wait, since there isn’t a release date for the game yet other than ‘coming soon’. A PlayStation 4 version is also in the works of course, but there’s still a repeated silence on whether the game is due on Xbox 360 as well.

Another big talking point about the console version is whether the popular online auction house will be supported or not. We can tell you now, that there will not be this mode on the PS3 version of the game unfortunately. However, Blizzard has confirmed that there will be a way to trade items with other players, using the in-game menu that will work both offline and online.

A new video released above gives you a fantastic idea of how the game is shaping up on PS3 and it’s fair to say that it is looking fantastic. If you previously were unfamiliar with the franchise, this clip alone should tempt you into a purchase when the game is finally out.

As a PC owner who is still playing Diablo 3 regularly, are you bothered that all of the love from Blizzard is now gearing towards the PS3 version?

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  • Mykee Lavoie

    auction house wont be on ps3, unfortunately. UNFORTUNATELY? rly? thats what killed the game the most, its much better without the AH.

  • may as well make starcraft 2 for console as well with wows direction with raid finders you might as well port it to console as well may help companys add keyboard and mouse support for the game on it. affordability for online gaming would be a lot cheaper since a console could do it for less then most pcs

  • jonsey

    let us be able to add a controller thru pc game think guys come on