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Best iPad mini 2 conceptual videos

A few weeks ago we showed you some great concept videos of what the iPad 5 could look like if fans had their way, so we felt as though you would want to see some iPad mini 2 conceptions as well. However, because the current model is relatively new and the design is not that old, we cannot see Apple changing much.

It seems as though the fans agree because the iPad mini 2 conceptual videos we have for you below don’t seem to push the boundaries as Apple’s full-size tablet. Take the first video for instances, the design looks very understated, but at least there are one or two subtle changes, although you’ll have to look hard to see them.

Thankfully in the second video we get to see the design of the iPad mini 2 concept more closely, and we like what we see. You can clearly see that it looks a little smaller, while still keeping the same screen size. Then there is more color options, much like the new iPod touch, but what strikes us the most about this concept is how it looks believable.

There are not really many other decent concept videos to show you – see what we mean about the iPad 5 conceptions having far move to offer.

Like we said above, we do not expect many changes to the iPad mini 2, although a Retina display and a slightly more powerful processor are sure to be on the list. However, as always Apple will need to reign in some of their ideas if they hope to keep the price of the iPad mini 2 price down.

Would you rather a completely new design, or minor hardware changes in order to keep the price competitive?



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