Pokemon X and Y rumors lead to new disappointment

By Alan Ng - Mar 22, 2013

As we patiently wait for fresh official Pokemon X and Y news from Nintendo or Game Freak, we have some disappointing information to share with you now, particularly for those that have already studied an apparent ‘leaked’ Pokemon X and Y Pokedex, which initially claimed to reveal an entire list of new Pokemon for the game, as well as all of the new ability types and Pokemon X and Y numbers.

It turns out that the whole thing was a hoax. To recap the situation that has been unfolding over the last few weeks, information on Pokemon X and Y appeared to be leaking out in gradual stages, due to an individual called ‘Mr XY’ who claimed to have inside knowledge on the game.

He proceeded to reveal a Pokedex as mentioned above listing all of the new creatures in Pokemon X and Y, and then followed it up by further information detailing a list of gym leaders in the new game, as well as the gym badge rewards that can be obtained. Unfortunately, it looks like the complete set of information is fake, as the person responsible has now owned up and admitted it to be a lie.

From MrXY himself: “Well yeah, it was a fake. But it wasn’t a mean-spirited fake exactly… I was kind of surprised when it popped up on that Leviathan website (and incorrectly, which goes to show you how bad games journalism is when it can’t get rumors right), so I tried to see how far I could go.”

It was all a ‘joke’ apparently as the leaker ‘wanted to see how far he could go’. The only problem is though, with no official news coming out from Nintendo, a lot of gaming websites picked up the information as a genuine rumor and now fans are going to be left disappointed.

Aside from the revelation of Sylveon as the new Eevee evolution, it means that we still don’t know too much about the game any more, with E3 2013 serving as the next big hope for the next major reveal on the game. Will Nintendo reveal a full official Pokemon X and Y Pokedex in June, or will they make fans wait until the game is released worldwide in October?

Let us know your thoughts on the revelation that the recent rumors on the game were fake.

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  • Realist

    I honestly dont care if they add a new type or not,just draw them with SOME creativity,the last generation, aside from a few, were complete GARBAGE,oh and look at that 2 pokemon from that generation actually were garbage, seems like nintendo is seriously either really lazy when it comes to designing pokemon after so many years or they just ran out of ideas. Well heres a perfect solution, get with the designers from Digimon, it might never have been as popular as pokemon but at LEAST they can say creativity and uniqueness was used in every digimon design in every season, sadly pokemon cant. Seems like every generation there trying more and more to make them more cutesy and happy and soft looking, a prime example being Vanilluxe; really, a floating sundae, thats the Best that you can come up with, heres a thought, if you know what your drawing is gonna be crap let SOMEONE ELSE draw it. And last but not least, the game storyboard, after 10 years I doubt Im the only one who is kinda sick of the standard gym battles, opposing gang trying to take over, and the elite four. After 10 years you think youd be able to shake things up. Hopefully I’ll be surprised just a little bit when October rolls around but who am I kidding.

  • shad0wth3if

    i rather happy that it was a hoax… if i remember correctly he was the same guy that said there would be character customization nor new types. tho those two ideas very well may still be correct, i am happy that we do not yet know… i wont believe any of the crap people post unless nintendo reveals it for themselves… yup… seclusio untill nintendo says something… thats for me!

    • shad0wth3if

      would not be character customization nor new types

  • I’m not sad it was fake, but I am disappointed at the lack of information being leaked by nintendo. It would be nice to get a few nibbles here and there.

  • Siggy

    bad news, this is good news i think they would have had just one eevoluion

  • HanSakura

    i agree that the pokedex was obviously a fake, and I’m glad i didn’t bother much with it. however, i am kind of disappointed that there will most likely not be a baby pinser and herocross. then again, that’s just me.

  • Vic

    GOOD. That list was honestly kind of irritating..
    I’ll just wait for Serebii to upload them! I soo cannot wait for it 🙂

    • Oshawott


  • Justin Begley

    If its on the internet 95% of the time what you read is fake or misinformed

  • hooray!

    Im glad there where rumors to keep my mind busy over lack of info fron nintendo, gamefreak, and ect. I say bring on more my imagination is starving!

  • Carrie

    I’m amazed you guys took so long to realize that was fake. Nothing about what he posted sounded legit OR sounded like it came from a GameFreak creative team. The minute I saw his stuff I called bs on it.

    • NgTurbo

      We can only report the rumors as they come 🙂 We’re glad it was a fake as well.. new surprises to come soon hopefully.

    • That and he contradicted himself from one post to the next. However, there were a few good ideas in the mix.

  • Bob

    Wow i am kinda glad its fake cause i want the game to be full of surprises when i get. So this will be my last view of the game hopefully i wont look it up anymore.

    • Chiwawa

      so do I.