Apple iWatch may go to war with Android rival

You have probably heard many rumors on a potential smart watch gadget from Apple dubbed the ‘iWatch’, but you probably haven’t heard too many details on competing devices. This week we bring you a hot new rumor, suggesting that almost inevitably, we could be seeing a smart watch device from Google as well which will run on Android.

Apple so far hasn’t come up with a rival product to match Google’s exciting Glasses technology, but it looks like Google may already have the upper hand on Apple with a smart phone watch in the pipeline, ready to counter any similar device that Apple may release towards the end of the year.

As usual, Apple hasn’t given the slightest hint that an iWatch is coming in 2013, but well informed folks over at the WSJ and the New York times have both reported that the iWatch is a real product that Apple are definitely considering. With that in mind, The Financial Times has published a new report, claiming that Google will be releasing a smart watch of their own too.

Their product will obviously run on Android and could feature close integration with the wearable Google Glasses, another product that the company is thought to be releasing sometime this year – developers have already pledged $1500 to secure a unit from the first batch released.

While it seemed at one point as if Apple may have the smart watch space to themselves towards the end of 2013, imagine a situation where consumers are debating over a whole host of watches to buy, not just from Apple and Google but other smaller companies as well who also want a piece of the new pie.

What are your thoughts on the prospects of a smart watch war? Would you prefer to wear a watch on your arm running Android or iOS?



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