Sony PS3 update 4.40 hidden features likely

By Alan Ng - Mar 21, 2013

Out of nowhere, Sony has just issued a mandatory new firmware update for the PS3. PS3 update 4.40 is now available to download and all users will have to install it if they want to continue using online services via PSN. The strange thing about this particular update, is that there hasn’t been any information prior to be update landing, while Sony hasn’t given any indication whatsoever on what firmware update 4.40 brings, since there are no official patch notes at the moment.

It clearly does do something though if it’s a mandatory update, so we’re guessing there will be one or two hidden features that users will uncover once the update is explored in greater detail. For now, we’re assuming that the obligatory security improvements have been implemented into the system and nothing else that’s clearcut.

There are already whispers emerging that the 4.40 update could fix up a recent loophole that allows users to emulate any PS2 game on a PS3 system running a custom firmware. We wouldn’t be surprised if Sony has strengthened the system up further to prevent any chance of a downgrade, which consumers may be interested in upon hearing of the PS2 exploit.

We’re used to Sony giving out a single line of text stating that this is just a security improvement update. However, we don’t even have that this time, yet it’s a mandatory install. Very strange you have to say on this occasion, so we’ll have to wait and see what other features are found.

We’ll update this when that does happen, but in the meantime let us know if you have spotted anything different on the new PS3 4.40 update.

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  • Barbara Swanson

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  • Dylan.

    One change is the fact that they took out the proxy server setting.

  • Jubjub

    Faster psn loading and logging in time

  • DoN KiLlEr

    i hope other very well experienced hackers do find another way to get bypass up and going

  • DoN KiLlEr

    if you do you should know about BYPASS being patched because when ever you play online with bypass you automatically sign out

  • DoN KiLlEr

    does anyone hack mw2 here

  • incubusman421

    I bet it has something to do with ps4… perhaps it will allow you to synch files with the new console or something… Kind of like how they did with the vita.

  • It’s just a update for:

    fixing issue with some games: bugs, glitches etc.
    and stability has been improved a little bit

  • I have noticed that the PlayStation Store loads a little bit faster and operates smoother, as before it was jittery. This is the UK Store.

  • Common sense

    peter james.. the ps3 is just the client end of their system.. their system(psn) is what got hacked. so that security excuse is BS IMHO. they should say what exactly is being updated regardless..

  • Peter James

    It is in regards to world internet hacking and misuse of PS3 systems not designed to be backward compatible! Sony are updating system internet security’s and all the above in an attempt to make this harder for hackers to infiltrate the PSN network to steal money or card information.. and stop anyone with backward hacked systems using online features anymore. (I would suggest for your own safety’s at this point that you delete any saved card information from your PSN accounts). Personally everything i have written is only speculation due to the simple fact that they have not explained what the update was for in any way… which would suggest they are simply covering there bases on the security front. based on world events and attack’s on there servers.

  • I’ve never hacked the system or jailbroken things because I never had the desire to. But I am frustrated that I am not told why this is needed.

  • SabentHD

    I believe there is no features, as some people may CFW users were able to go online in the past couple months. They have probably patched the modification in “index.dat, version.txt and vsh.self” from getting online. This is what lot’s of people do believe. Sony had to ban probably 100 times a day.