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Samsung GALAXY NX range of Android cameras hinted

While we are still a few months from an expected announcement of the Samsung GALAXY Camera successor, there is news that there could be a possible new Android range of cameras from the South Korean company. If the rumor is true then we could possibly see a new GALAXY NX range, although nothing official has been announced.

According to a recent article a new patent has been applied for, which points to a new Galaxy NX, which would mean this mirrorless digital camera could be powered by Android, just like the pocket-sized Galaxy Camera that was released last August.

The NX range has proved a bit of a success since they were first released at the start of 2010 and while there have been several versions along the way, such as the NX5, NX10, NX300 and the NX1100, incorporating Android into this range will add a new element to their versatility.

We cannot be certain if Samsung is preparing to launch a new GALAXY NX range, but we are really excited over this rumor; let’s just hope it proves to be more than just a rumor.

Let’s say for one moment this is true, then not only will it show that Samsung is getting very serious about dominating another market, but also the fact they believe incorporating a mobile OS is the way to go with the future of their cameras – just wonder what other range of Samsung cameras will get the Android OS treatment and if rivals will begin to follow?



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