Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to size up iPhone 5S

By Peter Chubb - Mar 21, 2013

Even though the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will not be in direct competition with the iPhone 5S because they cater for different markets, the two could be about to size each other up in September. If what we have learned is true then the new version of Samsung’s phablet could be announced at IFA in September, which could be almost the same time as Apple’s next smartphone release.

As well as the Note 3 possibly being unveiled at IFA 2013 in September, there’s also the chance that the Galaxy Tab 3 could see its debut as well. Like we said this is mere speculation, but seeing as though the Note 2 was unveiled at the end of August last year, it’s not a big stretch of the imagination to assume its successor will be revealed around the same time, well that’s according to a source of SamMobile.

The iPhone 5S debut is unknown; much like every Apple unveils really, but if we were to go on last year then September is a good bet and could possibly be a week or so after Samsung has shown off their Note 3. While the two will not compete with each other, there will no doubt be several videos comparing both devices against each other.

However, we expect both models to be a minor update on their predecessors, just as the Galaxy S4 was with the S3. This was a shock for the Samsung faithful last week because they expected so much more with the Galaxy S4, surely they will be prepared not to expect too much when the Note 3 is finally released?

It’s a different story for Apple lovers because they expect the iPhone 5S to be just a minor refresh, so anything else will be considered a bonus.

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  • Richard Yarrell

    The Galaxy Note 3 will not be a minor update. Samsung cares most about it’s Note family of devices. 5.9 inch display 1080p screen 469 ppi, ,16meg camera, 3.0 front facing camera, 4200mAh battery. These are not minor updates.

    • Leroy young

      Let’s hope that is true I’m waiting for the note 3

    • Cornstarch

      you forgot about the exynos 5 octa and 3 vr GPU