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New Kindle Fire HD, a budget alternative to iPad mini 2

When the Kindle Fire HD was first introduced by Amazon there were many skeptics, but sales have proven very positive, and so we expect to see a sequel at some point this year. Now we’re not certain as to what changes there will be, but the new Kindle Fire HD price could be the key factor.

We say this because there is a rumor circulating that the next 7-inch model will be budget friendly, so could be a great alternative to the upcoming iPad mini 2, even though Amazon’s tablet will lack some major features – especially if it is a low-cost version.

If what we are hearing is correct, then the new 7-inch 2013 Kindle Fire HD price could be just $99, but as to the release date we have no idea. As you would expect there is nothing else to go on with this rumor, although it is thought to come with a 1280 x 800 display and use the same TI processor as seen in the current Kindle Fire lineup.

Okay, so we know that the Kindle Fire HD sequel will not be able to compete with the forthcoming iPad mini 2nd-generation, but if you are on a budget then it will be a great alternative for you. Speaking of the new smaller Apple tablet, this will also need to be price conscious because people are not willing to pay more for a newer model, which we discussed a few days ago.

Update: Apple Insider has it on good authority that the rumor of a $99 Kindle Fire HD is inaccurate and that the current pricing is as low as they could possibly go.



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