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Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate transfer save status update

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is finally available for Nintendo Wii U and 3DS owners in the US. It has been a very long wait from when Japanese users received the game, but now everyone is finally on the same playing field. For those of you who have happened to pick up both the 3DS and Wii U versions, we have spotted an initial problem involving game save transfers that are not working properly at the moment.

On the 3DS version specifically, an application called the ‘Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Data Transfer Program’ was supposed to be going live along with the game’s release on March 19 earlier this week. As you may have spotted though, the application is nowhere to be seen at the moment and it appears that Capcom is also confused as to why it hasn’t been made available yet.

The app will allow game saves to be easily transferred between the Wii U and 3DS versions of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate and is seen as a core feature of the game in communicating with the Wii U version. The good news, is that help is on the way and Capcom has already sent out a Tweet confirming that the missing app will be available on March 22.

Not only that, but Nintendo 3DS owners will also get the missing Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Packet Relay Tools program as well which will allow 3DS users to go online with the game using a Wii U internet connection. Both will now be available before the end of the week, so it’s nice to see the issues fixed up swiftly without any long delays.

As we wait for Monster Hunter 4 to drop, how are you finding Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate so far? Are you planning to take full advantage of the cross save features or just play one version specifically? News on a PS Vita release would be great at E3 2013 – we doubt it’s going to happen though.



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