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Improved Surface Pro and RT enterprise stock support

It’s not just consumers who are having Surface Pro stock problems, but also business users as well. We say this because we have just learned that Microsoft is to offer improved Surface Pro and RT enterprise stock support, and as a result they will now be able to place volume orders.

This is made possible thanks to a new Commercial Order page and is accessible to authorized partners, volume licensee and Microsoft employees. Not much is known about this new service, as Microsoft is being coy about it. However, ZDNet reports that business users will be able to order bulk quantities and can even increase their service plans to three years.

Microsoft would have you believe they are thinking out of the box in order to help business users buy the Surface Pro and RT in bulk, but this should have been done from the get go, just as you have been able to do with Windows PCs for years.

There has been some criticism to this latest service though, as Microsoft says that this “WILL” allow companies to buy in bulk, while in the real world they should have said “HOPE” when you consider that the Surface has not been the success they had thought.

Having said that, Microsoft has to be optimistic and overall the Surface Pro is a pretty decent device, although some consumers would have you believe the biggest issue with the device is Windows 8, along with the fact that it has an identity crisis.

Windows 8 has not been well received, with some people suggesting that it is as bad as Vista, so news that Windows 9 could be ready for a beta release in January 2014 will not come soon enough for those who hate the current operating system.



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