Battlefield 4 gameplay within days, website live

By Alan Ng - Mar 21, 2013

We are getting closer and closer to the monumental Battlefield 4 reveal, which will surely shake up the gaming industry especially for first person shooter fans. We know that Battlefield 4 will be unveiled on March 26 at a private event during GDC 2013 and now we have confirmation that EA and DICE will definitely be showing some new gameplay as well.

To prepare for the big event, EA has now launched the official Battlefield 4 website. They have created an interesting new way of teasing the community, by what can only be described as an interactive car windscreen wiper. To see what we mean, head to the website above to see for yourself.

You’ll notice that EA has prevented users from seeing what is behind the rain, although if you log into the website using your Origin or Battlelog account, you’ll be able to see the image in full anyway – it’s the same teaser image supposedly showing Shanghai in the background.

Upon logging in, you’ll also unlock a Battlefield 3 dog tag which reads ‘I was there’ which is a nice bonus, but the real exciting information is at the bottom of the website. Notice it says ‘come back on March 27 for a first look at gameplay’, which confirms that EA will definitely be showing the game properly, and not just some cutscene teasers that some of you may have been fearing.

It now means that the March 26 (private) and March 27 (public) events are not to be missed and we’re just hoping that EA will also show off some footage of what Battlefield 4 looks like when running on Sony’s new PS4 hardware. As we told you earlier this week, it also looks like 64 players are going to be possible on the next-gen console versions of the game as well, which is obviously fantastic.

Battlefield 3 is still a great game and it’s exciting to think that it can only get better once the new game arrives with improvements across the board. Get your BF3 dogtag now from the BF4 website and tell us how excited you are about seeing Battlefield 4 gameplay for the very first time.

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