Xbox 720 features update highlight security measures

By Alan Ng - Mar 20, 2013

As we wait for Microsoft to finally announce their next-generation Xbox console and rival system to the Sony PS4, some new details have emerged this week on some of the core features that gamers can expect to find within the fresh hardware. It has been a long lasting rumor that the new Xbox will block the playback of used games on the system, and now these fresh details that we have for you appear to be the final nail in the coffin towards this eventuality.

The next Xbox is thought to on schedule for an announcement at a separate event prior to E3 2013 sometime in April. Durango has been the codename used for the system internally prior to release and now we have a very interesting document for you to read which again references the Durango name, but more importantly – a collection of key features that the Xbox ‘720’ will possess.

The document provided by VGLeaks suggests that the next system will indeed block the use of second-hand games, with a combination of measures by Microsoft. The first is an always-on internet connection, which Microsoft states in the document will ensure that ‘console software and games are always current’ and be ‘ready instantly when users want to play’.

The other measure in place as stated on the document, is that the next Xbox will make all game installations to the hard drive mandatory, and then prevent games from being played directly from the optical disc. While this is going to throw caution to the wind for a lot of potential owners, there is one nice new feature that could be coming that we haven’t heard about yet – the ability to play games straight away during an installation, with no need to wait until an install is completed.

Having this always online measure also means that system updates should start automatically in the background and should no longer hinder gameplay in any way. Finally, the same document also apparently confirms that each system will ship with a new ‘high fidelity Kinect sensor’, which would echo a similar move as the PS4 with Sony supplying a new camera with each system sold.

The big talking point though is obviously the always-online requirement. How do you feel about this reality on the next Xbox experience? Are you still willing to buy the system if this measure is put in place, or are you now swaying towards picking up a PS4 console instead?

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  • Evan

    Not to mention other than Halo, Gears and Forza they have failed to bring out any new exclusive games.
    Sony has Killzone, Uncharted, Last of Us (coming), Resistance, InFamous, Ratchet and Clank, GT, PS All Stars and a few more I am forgetting.

    They have done nothing for their biggest, most loyal fans; the hard core gamers.

    Bungie coming out and saying Destiny is going to have exclusive content on the PS4 is a sure sign even game companies know Microsoft is not about the games anymore.

  • Evan

    Why would anyone be surprised by any of these announcements? They might be fake rumors for now… but would it really come as a surprise if a money hungry company like Microsoft blocked used games and had an always online DRM!?

    If you think Microsoft are a loyal company to their fans, take a look at the previous few years of the xbox 360. It was always touted and sold as the game for the hardcore gamer…

    Now it is openly touted as the ‘center of your living room’.

    Microsoft went from being all about hard core, graphically intense games to kinect and 9 out of 10 games being aimed at children and then onto ONLY caring about the apps they get that make them money. (ESPN, Netflix bla bla bla)

    I used to be the biggest xbox fan boy, but it’s OBVIOUS Microsoft have completed screwed over every one of their original customers, those who bought the system for it’s kick ass gaming abilities.

    All those services and stuff they have, and then force you to have xbox live gold to use, I can get on things like Apple TV or over the net streamed to my TV…

    I want a GAMES console for games, nothing else. (Personal opinion only, of course.)

  • Theinternet where i live isnt very fast, and can go out for no real apparent reason, so always online DRM is a huge no-no. that, and always online DRM is just rubbish in general.I think EA already proved this….

  • Garbage. I’ll wait for the reveal before I believe any of this.

  • Jase

    I have three xbox end in my house so if I couldn’t play used game I wouldn’t be able take a game up to my bedroom to play or my son couldn’t borrow it? That would not make me buy a new xbox. In not paying for multiple copies of games just use on the odd occasion. I’m been a big xbox fan but this would make me go over to something like steam. I don’t think I could afford an ps4. I’m going to wait a year or two I think.

  • Still undecided – It’s too early to place a bet in one corner or the other. The online requirement doesn’t concern me. That would be expected considering the type and amount of updates, patches, and DLC we can expect from the next generation of games and features on these systems. The graphics engine will be a large factor and I wait with curiosity as to how games will look on each system in reality (not just some simulation of how they “could” look). How the PS4 deals with game and audio sharing will be something I will be watching, and mostly…the value for the price I end up paying for the console will end up being the final straw that will cause me to lean toward one camp or the other. Either way, I’m saving money now because I know how much sticker shock I got from the last generation of consoles and assume I won’t have the money to purchase both at once.